(চেক করুন) A dialogue between two students on village and city life.

You all know that the conversation that takes place between two or more people to express their thoughts is called dialogue. Almost every day we talk to each other for some work.

Basically when we speak most of the words are isolated incomplete and do not have proper word application. But if we write a dialogue, it becomes self-contained

and it becomes easier to express our thoughts. In no way can incomplete sentences be written in a written dialogue. Dialogue is a process that is very interesting to everyone.

If you want to write a dialogue, you must use a fictional style. This makes it easier to master the web of imagination. Most people have trouble writing dialogues.

Especially when it comes to writing dialogues in English, many people do not understand how to present to the reader. In today’s article we have discussed the rules of writing dialogue.

If those of you who do not know how to write dialogues read our article carefully, then hopefully there will be no problem in writing dialogues.

Most of the experiments show a dialogue between the two students about the differences between rural life and urban life. Many times when it comes to writing,

many people get nervous. Today’s article discusses the rules for writing this dialogue. Suppose you and another student want to write a dialogue about rural life and simple life,

but you should try to write in the same way as you presented the dialogue while the student was in front of you. To write this dialogue,

you must first start the dialogue with a consistent sentence. There should be a sequence in each sentence of the dialogue. If one sentence does not match another sentence,

the dialog will be incomplete. You also need to discuss the topic on which you are writing the dialogue. In other words, if you want to write a dialogue about rural life

and simple life, then you have to highlight different aspects of rural life and simple life. You have to write the sentences neatly. The dialogue has to be presented by

understanding the character type of the dialogue. The language of dialogue should be simple, straightforward and clear. The language you are applying must have language dynamics.

A title should be given at the beginning of the dialogue. A dialogue should end in 10 to 15 sentences with two speakers. Each sentence of the dialogue

should be between one to two lines. At the beginning of writing the dialogue, one should keep in mind how many numbers have been given on the dialogue.

Dialogue should be written based on that. Usually, the dialogue is written in 150 to 200 words. Many of you are looking for a dialogue between

two students about the diversity of urban life and rural life. Dialogue is provided in our article. You can collect from here if you want.

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