(Official Link) www eticket railway gov bd Online Buy Train Ticket New System

Many of you want to know how to cut the seats of Bangladesh Railway train online. To buy a train ticket online, you must first go to the official website of Bangladesh.

For your convenience, we have given you the link on this website. Then you will be able to see the information about where to go from our website.

Let us discuss this in detail. This is our post for those who travel regularly by train. First, you have to visit the website. Then enter the email address,

password and security code correctly in the login panel. After that you have to go to the page that will come and give all kinds of information. Date of travel, starting station,

destination name, must be filled in. This way you can buy train tickets. Friends, what is the Bangladesh Railway app? How to buy train tickets through this app and website.

We will inform that method through our website. If you have purchased a train ticket using your NID. Then there is no need to print out your train ticket. You can print if you want.

www eticket railway gov bd Online Buy Train Ticket

But if you are buying a ticket with someone else’s NID. Then you can print out the ticket for your own safety. I will tell you the rules for buying train tickets. Bangladesh Railway

was given the responsibility of an organization called CNSBD. But at present only train tickets can be bought online through shohoz.com.

But now train tickets cannot be bought through any kind of app. Train tickets can be purchased using the website only. You can purchase train tickets two days before departure.

There will be some changes in the rules for returning train tickets. If you want to return the ticket 48 hours before the departure of the train, the service charge will be deducted

and the remaining taka will be refunded. In this case 40 taka of AC ticket, 30 taka of first class ticket and 25 taka of other tickets will be charged.

If for any reason you want to cancel the train journey. Then you can return your ticket. In this case, after deducting a certain amount of service charge,

you will get back the remaining taka of the train. Today we will let you know through this post how to get a train ticket. According to the new system, train tickets will be

issued two days in advance instead of 5 days. 25% taka of ticket price will be deducted if the journey is left less than 48 hours of the scheduled time. Similarly, in case of less

than 24 hours of departure of train and more than 12 hours left, passengers will get 50% taka refund in case of return of ticket.

And if the ticket is returned in less than 12 hours, then 75% taka will be deducted. However, tickets will not be refundable within 6 hours without train.

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