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Banglalink Balance Transfer Process 2022 | Banglalink to Banglalink, Other Operators

Today we have come before you with one of the most popular and different services of Banglalink. You will be happy to know that you can transfer balance to another operator through banglalink. There are many people who search Google for information about such services.

We have created this article for their purpose and for their benefit. Banglalink balance transfer service is very easy. To friends and relatives using Banglalink, your phone balance can now be sent at any time. All Banglalink Prepaid and Call & Control customers can transfer balance to other Banglalink Prepaid and Call & Control customers.

If you read this article from beginning to end, you will know how to transfer money from your Banglalink SIM to another operator. So stay tuned and check out today’s article.

Banglalink Balance Transfer Process 2022

If you use Banglalink operator then you can transfer balance from your balance to any other operator. In this case, you have to adopt some methods. You can transfer through some code dial.

Note that one month after the new connection is launched, the customer can use the balance transfer service. In case of balance transfer, a minimum of Tk 10 to a maximum of Tk 100 can be sent. A maximum of Tk.500 per day. A maximum of Tk1,000 per month can be transferred.

The balance cannot be transferred from the rest of the emergency balance. In this case, to get this service, the number of the sender and the recipient must be included in the balance transfer service. The balance cannot be transferred within the next 30 minutes after the balance has been transferred.

Banglalink Balance Transfer Code

You can transfer balance through USSD code or transfer balance by downloading My Banglalink app from Google Play Store. Today we will tell you how to transfer balance from Banglalink through code.

To register you need to dial the * 1000 # code and follow the instructions. You will get the PIN number immediately through the pop-up message. Save the PIN number. All balances can be transferred using this PIN number.

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Banglalink Balance Transfer Limit

If you want, Banglalink can transfer balance from one SIM to another. There are some obligations in this case. Such a transfer can send a minimum of Tk 10 to a maximum of Tk 100. Then you can transfer a maximum of 500 rupees in one day and a maximum of 1,000 rupees in a month.

The amount of money must be a whole number or a fraction cannot be found. The service will have to be restarted by dialing the USSD code and the daily limit will be reset daily from 2 pm onwards.

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If you have an outstanding balance, the balance cannot be transferred. In this case, once the balance is transferred, the balance cannot be transferred again within 30 minutes.

Banglalink Balance Transfer Charge

Other operators are charged Tk 2 to Tk 3 for each time balance transfer. But banglalink you don’t have to pay any charge. You can receive this service for free.

Banglalink Balance Transfer to Other Operator

If you want to transfer the balance from Banglalink to another operator, you can follow the procedure shown below.

Dial * 1000 # and follow the instructions

Dial * 1000 # ⇒ Balance Transfer ⇒ Generate PIN⇒ New PIN⇒ (pop-up message will come).

This way you can complete the registration of your balance transfer.

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Banglalink Balance Transfer to GP

You can transfer balance from Banglalink to GP number if you want. In that case, you have to dial the code * 1000 # first. You can then transfer the balance by following the next step.

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How to Recover Banglalink Balance Transfer PIN

If for any reason you forget the PIN number of the balance transfer, you need to contact 121 Customer Care. The last 4 digits of the NID with which your SIM is registered will be required. Otherwise, you will not be able to reset your balance transfer PIN.

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Banglalink Balance Transfer Process 2022

Banglalink Balance Transfer Postpaid to Prepaid

Only Banglaling is giving you the benefit or the opportunity to transfer the balance from prepaid to another prepaid package. You need to dial * 1000 #. Then you have to send the message according to the next instructions. If you want, you can transfer the balance through the USSD code or use the My Banglalink app.

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