Barisal University A, B, C Unit Subject List and Seat Number Published Today

Do you want to know the admission information of Barisal University? You are looking for Barisal University Admission List and Subject List in many places. Today we are providing the subject list of all the units of Barisal University through this registration.

It will play a very helpful role for the students. You will be very happy if the students know the list of all the subjects of Barisal University. So read from beginning to end. See the list of Barisal University and the number of subjects.

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barisal university subject list and seat

Today we are trying to present to you the information about the faculty wise subjects and number of seats in Barisal University through this registration. Read the article from beginning to end and find out the number of Barisal University seats.

The total number of seats in A unit of Barisal University is 693. There are 75 seats in Mathematics, 50 in Chemistry, 50 in Physics, 50 in Geology and Mining, 50 in Computer Science and Engineering, 50 in Botany, 50 in Studies and Management Systems.

Unit B has a total of 375 seats. And the d unit has 312 seats. Marketing, Management Studies, Side Accounting and Information Systems, Side Finance and Banking have 60 seats.

Barisal University A Unit Subject List

Then friends, through this registration, I have highlighted the number of seats for Barisal University. The unit of Barisal University is mainly for the students of science department.

Barisal University A Unit Subject List

This unit has only one faculty. The name of this faculty is science. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Department of Chemistry, Department of Physics,

Department of Geology, Department of Statistics, under the Faculty of Engineering, There are. Unit B of Barisal University is called Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Barisal University B Unit Subject List

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities covers Bengali, English, Communication Journalism, History, Economics, Sociology, Political Science and Law. Barisal University C Unit means Bachelor of Business Administration.

Barisal University B Unit Subject List

Admission test in C unit of Barisal University can be given only by students with business background. The D unit is called the BBA Faculty,

which includes the Department of Accounting Information Systems, the Department of Finance and Banking, the Department of Marketing and the Department of Management Studies.

BU C Unit Subject List

As you know, this is the first time that the top 20 universities of Bangladesh have conducted admission test in a simultaneous manner. Admission test of Barisal University has been held in cluster system.

Barisal University C Unit Subject List

To apply in batch system you need to get minimum GPA 8 in SSC and HSC way test. Then you will have the opportunity to participate in the admission test.

If Barisal University is on your list of favorites. You can read the article from beginning to end and get information about the admission of Barisal University.

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