Class 1 Guide Book PDF Download (Panjeree, Lecture, Jupiter Guide)

Good results in any test depend largely on the board book. However, the book that works as an alternative to the board book is the guide book. Guide books are short for board books. Any student can easily pass any exam by reading the guide book.

However, the results of those who read guide books are much better as they read board books. Many people feel comfortable reading books on mobile. Thinking about them, today’s post has given links to various guide books of class one.

Students can easily read mobile or computer guide books by clicking on the download button. So I can say today’s post is very important for students.

Class 1 Guide Book PDF

Nowadays most of the students follow the guide book as well as the book. Because the answers in the guide book are neatly arranged. So that students can easily understand. Reading the guide book as well as reading the main book makes the preparation much stronger.

Also, the extra questions related to the chapter are very nicely arranged in the guide. Nowadays, a lot has changed in board books. New rules have been added to mathematics. New chapters have also been added on science and society. As a result, guides have become a necessity for students.

The new rules in the guide have been simplified. In this way, students can easily master. Today’s post provides links to various first class guide books. Hopefully, students will benefit from the post.

Lecture guide for class 1

Board books for any class are very important for that class. Class 1 books are important for class 1 students. The first class usually consists of Bengali, English, Mathematics, Islamic Education, Society, Science. Every issue is very important.

Download: Class 1 Guide Book

As well as reading each subject book, with the help of a guide book, one can prepare well on the chapter. Also, the answers to the important questions at the end of the chapter are very nicely arranged in the lecture guide. Which allows students to master easily.

Without the lecture guide, it would have been very difficult for the students. Below the post is a link to the first class lecture guide hopefully students will benefit.

Class 1 Panjeree Guide Download

Mathematics in any class is a little complicated for everyone. Mathematics is a subject that can never be understood without understanding. First class math books have different types of maths. Also, various parts have been added to the board book under the new rules. The guide serves as a guide to understanding these new maths. The rules are discussed in detail in the Math Guide.

As a result, anyone can easily master the numbers. There are many types of guides in our country. However, among the good guides, Panjeri Guide, Lecture Guide, Jupiter Guide occupy a special place. The number of mistakes in Panjeri, Lectures, Jupiter Guides is very low.

As a result, these guides serve as the confidence of the students. In these guides the difficult maths are done easily. So that students can master it very easily. Below are links to Panjeri, Lectures, Jupiter Math Guide. Hopefully, students will benefit.

class 1 english guide book

English is very important for class one. Reading English with meaning increases its efficiency. The English guide plays an important role in reading the English board with the reading meaning of the book. There are also some important questions at the end of the chapter which can be answered very nicely in the guide.

A guide is very necessary in this case. There are many English guides on the market. However, among the guides that are reliable for an accurate reading, Lecture Guide, Panjeri Guide, Jupiter Guide are some of them. These guides have a low number of errors. Many students are accustomed to reading books on mobile.

If they want, they can easily collect the guide on their mobile by clicking on the link below. The size of the guide is 10 MB. Students will be able to collect on any Android mobile. So I can say that the post is very important for the students.

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