Ebtedayee Scholarship Result 2024

Are you looking for the results of the Ibidati Scholarship 2024? If yes you are in the right place. Because we will publish this result soon on this website.

Madrasa Education Board authorities have not yet released the results of the Ibtedayi Madrasa Scholarship. That’s why we can’t publish it on our website.

To date, the topic of our discussion is the result of the Abetidae Scholarship 2024. The Madrasa Education Board released the results in the last week of March.

Ebtedayee (PEC) Scholarship Result 2024 PDF Download

We also think that this year the authorities will release this result in this period. Parents and students are very much looking forward to the results of their scholarship. We see last year that a large number of students got their scholarships from this madrasa board.

According to the board authorities, this number will also increase this year. If we look at the results of 2019, the number of GPA-5 students has increased. This year also the interest rate is the same as the previous year.

The madrasa education board is administering the examinations. This experiment was started in our country in 2012. Throughout Bangladesh, only the Madrasa Education Board has made the test wrong. The 2019 pass rate is 95.50% so this is a big achievement for the Madrasa Board.

About Ebtedayee Scholarship Result 2024

Some students will want to know what the outcome of a paid scholarship is. And we create this paragraph for this type of student. They will know the full details about this scholarship from this paragraph.

Ebtedayee Scholarship Result 2024

So let’s talk about your description of this scholarship. This is a scholarship given by the Madrasa Education Board in our country. Students who are doing well can get this scholarship.

Ebtedayee Scholarship Result 2020

Typically, this scholarship is published two months after the publication of the PEC results. List of scholarships made by the board authorities of the Madrasa Education Board of Bangladesh.

Type of Ebtedayee Scholarship

The Madrasa Board has divided the scholarship into two sections. Students from both categories will receive this scholarship.

  • Talent pool scholarship or merit scholarship
  • General scholarship

The talent pool scholarship is stronger than the general grade scholarship. Students of the general grade will get this scholarship by getting an average of 5 to 8 marks in the final exam.

Ebtedayee Scholarship Result 2020

On the other hand, the talent pool students will get this scholarship. If they have got more than 90% marks on average in this year’s final exam.

How to Check Ebtedayee ​​Scholarship 2024

There are a few different ways you can pursue a paid scholarship. Some different ways exist. You can follow online to find your result.

Download: Ebtedayee Scholarship Result 2024 PDF

We know that online is the best way to see all kinds of results. So we’re going to discuss how to see your results online.

  • First of all, go to the Madrasa education board Official Website. Or go to Directorate of primary education board official website.
  • Now select on the “examination” option “Madrasah Ebtedayee education”.
  • On the “district” select your own “District name”.
  • And next “Thana/ Upazila” option select your own “Thana/Upazila” name.
  • The next box “passing year” option give 2019. “Type roll number” this option gives your own roll number.
  • And at last, you see two option “reset” and “submit” click on “submit” button. After that, you will see your result in a new page.

Ebtedayee Scholarship Details 

If a student gets a merit pool scholarship, he/she will get 300 taka a month from the Madrasa Education Board. And students receiving general grade scholarship will get tk 225 per month from the Madrasa Education Board authority.

The scholarship student can withdraw this money every month or even annually. If a student withdraws this money every month, the talent pool student will get 300 taka and general grade student will get 225 takas.

If the student wants to withdraw this money every year, they will get  2500 taka per year. Students will receive this money after 3 years. And the term of this scholarship is also 3 years.

Terms of scholarship

There are many different conditions for obtaining a scholarship for the pre-Ibidati exam. The student must pass in 2019 with a good number. And get a good GPA out of 5.

Students from rural areas and students from urban areas are divided into this circle. In our country, there is something different for students in urban and rural areas. Students from rural areas have at least 6.5 GPA in this exam and urban area today and should have at least 6.5 GPA in the exam.

We are going to discuss the results of the 8 the Circle of Madrasa Board Class 2024. This year, more than 2 million students participated in the PSC and Abedayadi exams.

Madrasa Board Result 2024

This year, the results of the test were published on December 5. In the Madrasa Board, 1.5% of the students passed the exam. We are very happy to provide you with good information about the Fitness Scholarship Results 2024.

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