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HSC Exam Update News 2021: The new routine of HSC exam 2020 is going to be published. We already know this news through the daily press conference. This news was published on 19 September 2020.

According to the press conference, the Ministry of Education is going to take a decision on September 24, 2020, to publish the new routine of HSC examination 2020.

Officials from the Ministry of Education and the Board of Education have announced that if the Corona situation is normal, HSC exams will be taken in compliance with the health rules.

HSC Exam 2021 Update News Today

Preparations have been made to start HSC and equivalent examinations in the second week of November. Examinations will be held on all subjects. However, the full number may decrease. With the exception of weekly and public holidays, the examination will continue every day from the commencement of the examination.

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According to sources, two options have been put forward for organizing HSC and equivalent examinations. One is to reduce the number by 50 per cent in each subject. In that case, there is the idea of ​​reducing the MCQ and the creative part by 50 per cent from the integer in those subjects which are not practical.

And in those that have practicals, the whole number will be reduced by 50 per cent by adjusting the number of the remaining part (MCQ and creative) by keeping the practical number correct. The other proposal is to test only one of the corners of the MCQ or the creative part. 11 Education Baird was preparing to take the exam in about 2,500 centres. But now if one student is to sit on each bench and take the exam, about 5,000 centres will be needed.

HSC Exam 2021 Update News Bangladesh

All educational institutions in the country are closed due to the outbreak of coronavirus. So it has not been possible to take this year’s HSC exam yet. So the examinees could not collect their admission papers from their college yet.

The latest HSC exam was held at a press conference on Saturday 21st March. In addition, until August 28, 2020, no student was able to collect their tickets. All the examinees were staying at home due to Corona situation.


Do you want to know HSC Exam 2020 Update News Bangladesh? Then you have come to the right place. Because now we will discuss all the updated information about the HSC exam.

HSC New Routine 2021

Today 24th September 2020 is going to be a meeting of the Ministry of Education regarding HSC examination. So in this meeting, we can get a definite idea about when the HSC exam will be.

HSC Exam 2021 Kobe Hobe?

There are many students among you who want to know that at HSC Exam 2020 Kobe Hobe? The answer to their question is not yet sure when the HSC exam will be. Because all the educational institutions across the country are closed due to the effect of coronavirus.

Do you want to know HSC Exam 2020 Kobe Hobe? Then you have come to the right place. From here you will get all the updated information of HSC exam.

Download: HSC New Routine 2021 PDF

For this, you need to read the entire post carefully. Then keep reading our post to get all the ideas about your HS exam. Then you will know when your HSC exam may be.

Latest HSC Exam News Update

Want to know the latest updated news of HSC exam? Then you are in the right place because from here you can know the latest HSC exam update information.

We all know that the HSC exam is scheduled to be held from April 1, but the exam has been postponed due to coronavirus. Since coronavirus is not yet normal. So the exact date of HSC exam has not been revealed yet.

The Ministry of Education has already taken various steps. They said the HSC test would be held only if the coronavirus was somewhat normal. In that case, everyone has to take the test according to the hygiene rules.

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In this case, the Ministry of Education has proposed to take the exam one by one on each bench. There will be a meeting of the Ministry of Education on 24 September 2020 on the HSC examination routine.

HSC Exam Date Change

Maybe many people think that the government of Bangladesh, the Bangladesh Education Minister, will suspend the HSC exam 2020 due to the Coronavirus.

But we will say that it is not yet officially stated that the HSC test for Coronavirus 2020 will be suspended. So we would like to say that you take your test prep. We are anticipating that the SSC exam may announce a suspension of 2020 within a few days.

Already, but we all know that all schools and colleges have even stopped coaching till March 31 due to the coronavirus.

HSC New Routine 2021

So we can assume that maybe the HSC test 2020’s data may be a bit behind. So we will give you the information here as soon as we get the correct update.

Will the HSC Exam be Delayed?

Those who are now on the HSC exam may or may not be thinking that the HSC Test 2020 will be suspended for the Coronavirus. But let me tell you, the HSC exam has not been officially closed yet.

So you can bookmark our website, as soon as we postpone the HSC exam 2020 we will give you all the updates. Many of you may want to know if your exams will be delayed or will the test be delayed or not?

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However, I would like to say that since we do not have any official information.

So we still cannot say anything properly about this.

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As more than 2 million students are about to take the upcoming HSC exam, they are all looking for updated news about the test. To help students, we are going to show you the latest updated news in the exam.

HSC Exam 2020 Hobe Ki?

Sobar moner moddhei ekta prono je ei bar hsc exam 2020 hobe ki? Tobe jara janten can je hsc exam 2020 hobe ki, tadoer uddosho kore bolchi je ekhon o  Bangladesh government declaration dei nai je hsc exam pichabe naki. tobe amader dharona je various er jonno hsc exam hobe na. tar mane hsc exam 2020 er date pichabe.

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Important Information about HSC Exam 2021

The HSC Exam Routine 2020 is published on March 4, 2020. According to this routine, HSC examination was to start from April 1, 2020. But recently this test could not be completed due to coronavirus.

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On 16 March 2020, the government ordered the closure of all educational institutions due to the coronavirus. According to him, from 16 March 2020 to 31 August 2020, all educational institutions are closed.

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Education Minister Dipu Moni said the routine would be published at least one month before the start of the exams.

HSC Exam 2021 Latest News

Hopefully, you already know the latest news about the HSC exam. So it is understood that you are likely to have HSC exam in November or December. So we say that you should continue your studies without worrying or worrying.

Because there is no substitute for good preparation for good results. So your routine can be revealed at any time. Then click on the link below if you would like to get the final HSC exam.

Download: HSC Suggestion 2021 PDF

Ask Some frequently Question

1. Routine Kobe Ber Hobe?

Answer: HSC Routine Kobe Ber Hobe It is impossible to say for sure. However, the Ministry of Education will publish the HSC routine as soon as the situation in the country returns to normal.

2. HSC exam 2021 update news

Answer: There is no news yet about the update of HSC Exam 2020. Because there is no official announcement yet when the HSC exam will be held. So, for now, it is not possible to say when your test will start.

3. HSC exam 2021 new update pdf

Answer: I want to download the new routine pdf of HSC Exam 2020. The routine has not been published yet. So as soon as the new one is published we will give you your routine PDF file here. Then download your routine in PDF format.

4. Hsc new routine ki publish Hoye Gece?

Answer: Many of you want to know if HSC routine has become public.Their answer is that the HSC routine has not yet been published. However, we will update here as soon as the new routine is released.

5. HSC exam 2021 er new routine

Answer: Many of you are looking for a new routine of HSC exam? However, the new routine of HSC exam has not been published yet. So if you want to download new routines, bookmark our website. Because as soon as the new routine is published, we will upload the new routine here.

HSC New Routine 2021 PDF Download

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