International Friendship Day 2024 Date, History, Quotes, Theme, Messages, Pictures

Dear brothers and friends, how are you? I hope you are all well by the infinite grace of God. Today in our post we will discuss in detail about the date of International Friends Day and Friends Day and various sayings and sayings on the occasion of Friends Day.

Friendships are formed through each other from a young age. Through this, the mutual relationship became stronger. Dependence on each other increases, loyalty to each other increases. In all dangers, the help and cooperation of friends is of immense importance.

Today we will discuss International Friendship Day on our website, and give you an idea of ​​the day on which Friendship Day is celebrated. Because International Friendship Day is celebrated on different days in different countries of the world, moreover, we will upload the sayings and sayings of some famous geniuses on the occasion of Friendship Day on our website. If you want to know about those topics then read our post below carefully.

International Friendship Day 2024

International Friends Day did not originate in a single day. This day was celebrated on a small scale a long time ago. For example, in 1919, this day was first partially celebrated.

Through which the celebration of International Friendship Day has continued till now. The first National Friendship Day was celebrated in 1910 with the celebration of Hallmark by a man named George I.

and it was on this day that the first official Friendship Day was celebrated, and the day was later widely disseminated. This is how this day is celebrated as International Friendship Day.

international friendship day date 2024

Friendship Day is being celebrated on the first Sunday of August i.e. July 30. This day was first declared by the United States in April 2011.

This day was declared as the first declared International Friendship Day and since then this day has been celebrated as International Friendship Day in many countries of the world.

Friendship Day History

One person was brutally murdered in 1935. The man’s friends staged the first protest on Saturday, August 1, and one of them committed suicide the next Sunday. That suicide was a friend-to-friend suicide.

Following this, the first Sunday in August has been celebrated as International Friendship Day in the United States since 1935, and the United States has declared April 30, 1911, as the International Day of Friendship.

happy friendship day quotes 2024

On the occasion of International Friendship Day, the pages of history mention various sacrifices of different people. There are different sayings and different sayings in his context.

We have uploaded our posts and website in the form of a list and GPG file with various messages on the occasion of International Friendship Day. If you want you can visit our website to see the file or you can download the file and leave it on your phone, tell us to visit our website.

international friendship day 2024 theme

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