JSC Scholarship Result 2023 PDF Download

The Department of Primary Education is about to announce the results of the JPE, JSC scholarship in 2023. As we all know, the JSC exam has ended at the end of November 2 and we know that the JSC exam results have been announced. December 27.

Now the students who have done very well are waiting for when the result of the JSC exam scholarship will be published. But let’s talk about the JSC result. You will be pleased to know that the JSC is about to announce the results of the scholarship exam in a few days.

JSC scholarship results are expected to be published by March 2023 So if you would like to see your JSC scholarship test result in 2023 please contact us on our website.

About JSC Scholarship Result 2023

The first thing we did for all of us was to know what I mean by scholarship. So let’s get a complete idea of ​​what a scholarship is. The government offers scholarships to some meritorious students

for good results in elementary school certification exams. It is considered as a scholarship of the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh. Usually last year 5 students got scholarships.

If you think you would like to know more about the scholarship, you can find all the information and details you need from the official website of the Board of Primary Education.

JSC Scholarship Result 2023 Published Date

As we all know, the JSC Scholarship Examination 2023 was announced three months after the end of the exam respectively. Accordingly, the JSC scholarship test results will be announced at the end of March this year. We also know that the results of the 2019 JSC scholarship exam last year were published on March 24.

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So we can easily assume that the results of the scholarship exam will be published by the end of March this year.

JSC Scholarship Result 2020

Generally, those who are doing very well in the PSC exam are only hopeful for the scholarship. So it is only natural that those who are doing good in PSC examination will increase. The scholarship was awarded to the Ministry of Education. Really can say again that the system of scholarship works like a different feeling for every student.

Because there is a scholarship system, many students will be very good at studying regularly, so that they think we will get scholarships. So I would say that the scholarship system is a very good step for every student, especially for our education system.

JSC Scholarship Result Types

There are two categories of scholarships in JSC. All scholarships are awarded to the students according to merit. The scholarship is in two grades

  • Talent pool scholarship
  • General scholarship

Students receiving the talent pool scholarship will receive 300 BDT per month. The General Scholarship Achiever will receive 225 BDT per month. These awards will be given every six months.

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Junior Scholarship Result 2023

The JSC exam 2019 started on November 17, 2019. About 2.5 million students took the test this year. And a total of 23,72,154 students passed the JSC and Abetidaei examinations this year. So now everyone has done that,

I did well in the results so how can I get a scholarship or not? So let us discuss how you will see your results.

JSC Scholarship Result 2020

JSC Scholarship Result 2023

The primary education department has declared the primary scholarship result of all education boards of Bangladesh 2023. Did you take the preliminary exam in 2019? So let’s give you a piece of good news. The results of your JSC Scholarship Exam have been published. The most awaited scholarship results will be published on March 24, 2023.

জেডিসি বৃত্তির ফলাফল ২০২২

JDC Scholarship Result 2023

This year it has been reported that around 5,6 students will be awarded scholarships from the Ministry of Public Education based on the results of the Junior Education Department. Out of these, 4700 students will be given a general scholarship and 3700 will be given a scholarship in Talentpool.

The education minister will announce the results of this scholarship test at a press conference. Each scholarship is given to the union and the municipality. Also, two students and two students were given scholarships in each Upazila. Scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of student outcomes in each category, so we can say that there are 20 scholarship allocations in each category.

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How to get JSC Scholarship Result 2023?

Suppose the result of the JSC scholarship is 2026 published. Now the question that works for everyone is, how do you know the JSC exam result? Maybe many know how to look at the results of this JSC scholarship exam. But there are some people who don’t know how to see the JSC scholarship results. We want to talk to them about something.

JSC Scholarship Result 2020

The JSC exam results were released three months after the completion of the general JSC exam. So let’s talk about how you can find out the results of your JSC scholarship.

You can usually find the JSC exam results very easily online. One of the most popular methods in history is to view the results online. If you want to take the result online, follow the steps below for students and parents online so you will know how to get the JSC scholarship result online.

How to Check JSC Scholarship Result 2023 by Online

In this topic, we will discuss how you can view JSC scholarship test results online. Seeing results online every day is one of the most popular and simple methods of today. JSC Scholarship Result 2023 will be checked by following the process.

  • Visit the official website of Dhaka board,
  • Search for JSC Scholarship Result 2023 in the “JSC Corner” of the home page.
  • Find and click the relevant scholarship link.
  • Now you can see the JSC Scholarship Result 2023 Dhaka Board PDF on a new page.
  • Check whether your name or roll number appears in your Thana or Zilla of the board.
  • Download the Scholarship result PDF and save it for future use.

If you can’t see your results even after following the instructions above, then no worries. You can easily post or comment on our Facebook group. We will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible or we will look into your result.

JEC Scholarship Result 2023

As we all know, the Preliminary Certificate of Examination started on November 17, 2019, and the exam ended on November 27, 2019. We also know that the students got the results on December 31, 2019. Already the results board challenge system has been launched this week. And everyone is applying for the Result Board Challenge this year. The parents of these students are very worried about the outcome of the board challenge.

The Department of Junior Education (JPE) authorities are releasing scholarship results for the exam this year. It’s probably mid-March next. But the authorities will also announce the date later.

District-wise Scholarship Result 2023 Download

As you may know, there are 64 districts in Bangladesh. JSC scholarship money is given to all district students who get the scholarship in JSC. This is the main scholarship of Bangladesh. Because more than 4 students from 500 districts are awarded this scholarship.

If you are looking to download the District Based Results for JSC Scholarship Result 2017, welcome to our website. Because you can easily download all-district JSC scholarship results from here.

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