www.movementpass.police.gov.bd Apply Link for Movement Pass

A large number of people are visiting the official website www.movementpass.police.gov.bd together to register the Movement Pass. So now the official website is down. So for your convenience, we have published an alternative website here. So you can register using this website.

No one will be able to leave the house because of the lockdown. If someone has an important job, they have to go out with a movement pass. So if you want to go out for a job, you must take it with you.

To get a movement pass you must apply on the website movementpass.police.gov.bd. You can also apply for movement pass using mobile apps. We have discussed this whole process here.


https://movementpass.police.gov.bd is the official website for movement pass registration. You can apply for a movement pass using this website. The registration process started on 14 April 2023. So you apply now.

Since April 14 movement pass registration has started. So here we discuss the whole process of registering online and using mobile apps. So you can register from our website or from the movementpass.police.gov.bd website.

I would like to say to you that you cannot go out without a movement pass. If you know an outsider without a movement pass, you will be severely punished. So refrain from getting out of this coronavirus unnecessarily.

movementpass.police.gov.bd Apply Link

Are you looking for movementpass.police.gov.bd Apply Link? But I will say that you are in the right place because you can apply for a movement pass from our website. So read our post carefully.

Many people are not able to register movement pass due to the official website being down. So for your convenience, we have been given an alternative website here. So you can apply for Movement Pass using this website.

So don’t delay and apply for a movement pass from our website. Let me tell you that an average of 15,000 people per minute and 1.25 lakh people every day are applying for a movement pass.

www.movementpass.police.gov.bd Apply Link

Movement Pass Registration for Bangladesh

You can use two methods to register Movement Pass. One is online and the other is you use mobile apps. So we are going to discuss the registration process in two ways. It is easiest to register a movement pass online. So you can register online by following our instructions.

You can also register using your mobile application if you want. For this, you need to download Movement Pass apps on your mobile from Google Play Store. And you can do the next steps yourself.

Movement Pass Apply through Online

Since many are trying to register for the movement pass online. So now the official website for registration is down. So many people are not able to register, so for your convenience, we want to say that you use our website.

Movement pass police gov bd Registration

Then you can easily apply for Movement Pass from here and we have discussed the whole process of applying for your convenience.

www movement pass police gov bd app

If you are looking for the www movement pass police gov bd app, I would say you are in the right place. You will get mobile apps for our movement pass application form here. For your convenience, we have given the link to mobile apps here.

Movement Pass Police Gov BD apk Download

So by clicking this link you can easily download your mobile apps and after downloading you can follow the next steps automatically. I would like to inform you that the registration has started after midnight on 14th April. So don’t delay, register now from here.

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