New Call Rate 2024 in Bangladesh (GP, Robi, Airtel, Banglalink)

The new budget for 2024 has been announced. This year’s call rate is going to increase slightly as announced in the 2024 budget. So it can be said that the call rate of every SIM operator will increase a bit after the budget is announced.

Are you looking for New call rate 2024 for all SIM operators? Then you are in the right place. From here you can easily find out about the new 2024 call rates. To know the new call rate of your SIM,

you must read our post very carefully from beginning to end. Then you can easily understand how much the new call rate of your SIM operator has increased and now at what rate your SIM operator will deduct money from you.

New Call Rate 2024

Last year, the call rate of every SIM operator in Bangladesh was 20%. The call rate will be increased by 3% after the announcement of the budget for the fiscal year 2024. Call rates will now be cut at 23 percent for each SIM operator from June 12.

That means you now have to pay 23 percent VAT for talking. If we explain with examples, if you say 100 rupees, then our 123tk will be deducted from our mobile.

You can get all the information about GP, Airtel, Robi, Banglalink, Teletalk SIM call rate and the internet from here. So read our post very carefully.

GP New Call Rate 2024

Grameenphone’s new call rate of 12 people is going to be effective from 2024. So from June 12, every customer will be charged according to the new call rate.

GP New Minute Price 2024

According to the new call rate, the price of GP minutes has increased a lot. Now you have to pay more to get that minute than you used to get minutes.

Previously you could enjoy 330 minutes for 199 rupees for 30 days. But now according to the new budget, it will take more money to buy this minute.

GP 199 tk 330 Min Pack is now 310 min for 30 days validity. This is a great change from Grameenphone. GP 350 Min Pack price is now 233 taka and validity 15 days.

GP New Internet Price 2024

Grameenphone SIM internet price is much higher than before. This is because GP SIM offers better internet service than other SIM operators. And after the announcement of the new budget this year, the price of internet package has gone up further. GP 4g internet 3gb was at Tk 108. But now this package will cost Tk 114 and it will be valid for 7 days.

Robi New Call Rate 2024

Authorities of Robi SIM operators have announced their new call rates after announcing the budget for the new financial year. Their new call rate is going to be effective from 12 June 2024.

Airtel New Call Rate 2024

I am referring to all the Airtel SIM subscribers among you. Your call rate has changed according to the new fiscal year. So keep reading our post to know your new call rate.

Banglalink New Call Rate 2024

I am referring to all the Banglalink SIM users among you. Banglalink SIM’s new call rate is going to be launched from tomorrow. So be sure to keep reading our post carefully government to know the new call rate. Then you will know the details about your call rate.

New Internet Price List 2024

According to the budget for the fiscal year 2024-21, the price of the internet has increased a lot. All SIM operators will set new rates for the internet on 12 June 2016 as per the new budget.

If you want, you can find out about new SIM prices and new packages from all SIM operators here. For your convenience, we have listed below the internet packages and internet prices of all SIM operators.

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