Polytechnic (BTEB Duplicate) Diploma Admission Cancel Process 2024

Cancellation of BTEB Duplicate Admission Confirmation and Necessary Advice: At present, one has to apply online for admission in Polytechnic Duplicate and complete the confirmation of admission for college admission online.

Students can apply for admission in a total of three steps; Students receiving seats are required to complete admission confirmation; Those who do not complete the verification are considered to have rejected the college application and the next step is to submit the college admission application online.

Thus, every time he does not confirm the admission, he can apply for admission online at the next stage. Many times, even if they do not get a seat in the college of their choice, due to lack of proper guidelines, many people complete the college admission confirmation and want to re-apply in the next step.

Polytechnic Duplicate Admission Cancel Process 2024

Are you looking for BTEB Duplicate Admission Cancel System? Then you are in the right place because now we are going to discuss the system, application and rules for cancelling your Polytechnic admission test confirmation.

If you want to cancel BTEB Duplicate Admission Confirmation, please read our post carefully. Then hopefully you can cancel your admission confirmation very easily. No one can re-apply for admission online after submitting the college admission confirmation fee. In that case, it is necessary to cancel the admission confirmation.

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We will now discuss how to cancel admission confirmation. You will read the whole post and share it. At the end of this post, the required form and application form to cancel the confirmation will be given.

Diploma Admission Cancel Process 2024

Many students among you want to know the process of Diploma Admission Cancel. However, we have made this post for their purpose. Would you like to see

the Diploma Admission Cancellation Process? Then I will say that you are in the right place. Now we will discuss your admission cancellation process here.

You need to read our entire post carefully to see the Polytechnic Diploma Admission Cancellation process. Then hopefully you will be able to cancel your admission very easily.

Engineering Admission Cancellation

Do you want to cancel the Diploma in Engineering Admission? Then I will say you are in the right place. In this post, we have discussed the Diploma in Engineering Admission Cancellation.

You can easily cancel your Diploma Engineering Admission if you want. If any college of your choice does not come, then you can cancel your admission if you want.

The college did not come according to the choice of all the students among you. They usually cancel admission in Diploma in Engineering. So if you want to cancel your admission, you can cancel your admission by visiting our post.

Why Cancel BTEB Admission Confirmation?

To apply online at the next stage, the BTEB admission confirmation has to be canceled earlier. If someone does not confirm the admission,

his online admission application will be automatically cancelled and he will be able to re-apply at a later stage. Thus, admission to the college can be applied online subject to vacancies up to the third stage.

If an applicant completes the online admission confirmation after getting the college seat in the online application but wants to apply at the next stage, he has to cancel the admission confirmation.

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How to Cancel Diploma Admission Confirmation?

In order to cancel the online confirmed admission application, the applicant must apply to the concerned Board of Education along with the college inspector to cancel the online admission confirmation in BTEB stating the reasons.

In this case, the student has to appear directly at the concerned board and submit an application to cancel the admission confirmation. If the college inspector of the concerned board thinks so, he will take action to cancel the admission confirmation of the applicant.

After the cancellation of online admission confirmation, the student can apply in the next step if he wants. If the admission confirmation is cancelled or not confirmed, you will have to complete the online application again with an application fee of Tk 500 to apply in the next step. And every time you re-confirm, you have to send the confirmation fee online.

What to do to Cancel Diploma Admission Confirmation?

Usually, you have to go to the concerned board and submit the application to the college inspector to cancel the online admission confirmation. But due to the current Covid-19, many education boards provide you with services over the telephone.

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So before going to the board, you must talk to the board’s mobile number and the college inspector’s telephone.
We have given the helpline numbers of the board at the end of this post.

Let everyone know by sharing this post with us. Please comment in the comment box on any issue related to online admission in class XI. I will try to give the necessary advice.

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BTEB Duplicate Admission Cancel System 2024-2021


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