R15 V3 Price in Bangladesh 2023 [Yamaha R15 V3 Indonesia, Indian, Thailand]

Yamaha r15 v3 bike is the most expensive among the expensive bikes in Bangladesh at present. So those of you who are thinking of buying this bike. You can get detailed information about the price of the bike

and the engine of this bike by visiting our website. Read carefully from beginning to end. Then you can get detailed idea about it. So guys let’s start the main discussion.

The yamaha r15 bike is one of the most preferred bikes among the young generation nowadays. It is a much talked about motorcycle. Which is discussed by all heroines of all ages and all classes.

So you can know the current price of the bike. Come to our website and read the article carefully from beginning to end. So guys let’s start the main discussion.

The current market price of the bike is 5 lakh taka to 5 lakh 25 thousand taka. Its engine capacity is 125 cc. It is designed as a sports bike. MA Bike has a maximum power of 19.3 Hots Power.

Maximum torque available is 15 Nm. Area number is six engines, cooling system fuel tank capacity is 11 liters. Ground clearance is 170 mm. Height 1135 mm, over all lens 19990 mm.

Its weight is 137 kg. So friends, through this post I have been able to give a detailed idea about this bike. And if you want to get any information. Stay with us.

Many of you are familiar with it. So today we are going to introduce one five v three bike to you through this post. Read and review the article carefully from the beginning to the end.

Bikes are manufactured in many countries. Such as Indonesia, Thailand, India. But among them, the r15 v3 of Indonesia and Thailand. The manufacturing is of slightly better quality than in India.

R15 V3 Price in Bangladesh

But in terms of price, Indian bikes are much cheaper than Indonesian bikes which are manufactured in India. Yamaha r15 v3 bike is mainly available in three colors which are gray color blue color blue color.

Bangladesh bat price is fixed at 5 lakh 24 thousand taka. But sometimes its price is a little bit higher due to different types of events. There is a huge demand in Bangladesh because the quality of this bike is very good.

Yamaha r15 v3 engine is best than any YZF engine. There is no difference between the three only the previous version is updated.r15 v3 engine is single cylinder for bulb engine.

The engine of this bike is capable of giving about 18.7 Php at 10000 RPM and 15 N N of torque at 850 RPM. So friends have understood what information I will discuss in the next post.

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