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Top 10 College in Rajshahi City 2022 List & Details

During the coronation period, the educational institution is closed for 18 months. Finally, on 12 September 2022, all types of educational institutions, colleges and universities were opened, which was decided by the government and the Ministry of Education.

Since then, all kinds of public examinations, which have been postponed, are being held. Gradually, admission test has been held in Dhaka University, Rajshahi University.

The SSC exams will start from next month and after the HSC exams, the admission test and admission battle in different colleges will start. Today we will present all the information to you through this article.

Top 10 Colleges in Rajshahi City

Today we will talk about the top 10 government colleges and private colleges in Rajshahi City through this article. If you want to know information about this, you can find out through this article.

Many of you live in Rajshahi. The SSC examination will be held in the future and after that, the battle for admission in these colleges will start. Today through this article we will present the number, condition, amount of admission test seats of the best government colleges located in Rajshahi.

In addition, this article presents the cost and facilities of some colleges, so if you search the relevant information on Google. Then you can know all the information through the article.

Top 10 Colleges in Rajshahi Board 2022

Rajshahi Government College is at the top of the list of top 20 colleges in SSC examination in 2022 Rajshahi Board. Today we will present all the information through this article. You already know that out of 600 candidates of Rajshahi Government College, 593 have passed.

GPA got 5. 435 people. Pabna Cadet College and Rajshahi Cadet College are in the third position. 49 candidates from Pabna Cadet College and 42 candidates from Rajshahi Cadet College got GPA 5. The third was Girls Cadet College.

46 out of 48 students of this college passed and got GPA 5. So friends, today we have discussed about the top 10 colleges located on the Rajshahi Board through this article. I hope you like it.

list of govt college in rajshahi city

Well, through this article we will present to you the best government colleges or private colleges located inside Rajshahi University College and inside Rajshahi City. Rajshahi College, Government Azizul Haque College Government College, University College, notable.

Rajshahi Court College, Chemical Government College are on the most popular list. To be admitted in these colleges, you need to get a minimum SSC GPA 5.

You have to get good results in other subjects. So, friends, I have presented all the information to you through this article. If you want to know more, read our other articles carefully.


Rajshahi BM College located in Rajshahi division is gaining popularity. Besides, Rajshahi Government College, Rajshahi New Model Degree College is in the best position.

From here HSC candidates always get good results. The college has always been at the top of the rankings by the Rajshahi Board and the Rajshahi Department of Education. Besides, Government Azizul Haque College, Sirajganj Government College, Haji Wahid Maryam Degree College, Government Azizul Haq College etc. are notable within the Rajshahi division.

Besides, Rajshahi Govt City College, Ullapara Science College, Rajshahi Govt New Model Degree College, Kadirabad Cantonment Sapper College are notable.

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