About Bangladesh Paragraph for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, HSC, SSC (10 Lines, 5 Sentences)

In our various exams and job tests we are asked to write paragraphs about Bangladesh. What do you do then? There are several facts to know and procedures to follow before composing a paragraph.

So through this post today how to write a paragraph about Bangladesh in front of you. I will discuss about that. Today we will discuss something about our Bangladesh.

We all know that Bangladesh was a part of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan before independence. After a lot of struggle, it was divided into Bangladesh and Pakistan after the independence of India,

but Pakistan was under the rule of Bangladesh. These histories can be mentioned. How to write a paragraph is asked to write a paragraph in various tests based on our country.

Keep an eye on our website to know that. The geographically ethno-linguistic Bengal region fulfills its meaning. The eastern part of the territory of Bengal was known as East Bengal,

which was established as an independent and sovereign country named Bangladesh in 1971 AD. How many states there are in the world, get status as nation states.

Bangladesh is one of them. When British India was partitioned in 1947 AD. The position of Bangladesh in the list of the most manpower countries in the world is 8th,

although the position of Bangladesh in terms of size is 94th in the world. As a result, Bangladesh is the ninth most densely populated country in the world.

Smaller area of less than 56 thousand square miles or the estimated population of the country is 18 crores. Bengali is the mother tongue of 99% of the population of most countries.

Literacy rate is 72 percent. Bangladesh is a riverine country. Therefore, river and sea routes are considered as the oldest routes of Bangladesh. The system is used in important river ways.

Bangladesh has about 8400 km long inland navigable waterways. Of this, 5400 km is open for navigation throughout the year. Remaining about 3000 km is used only during monsoon.

About Bangladesh Paragraph

Generally, the rivers in the south-eastern region of the country are very suitable for navigation. Dhaka, Narayanganj, Chandpur, Barisal, Jhalkathi etc. are the important river ports of the country in this region.

Most of the riverine passengers travel by boats and launches and the rest travel by boat. For those of you who are searching for paragraph about bangladesh class 8th.

Our today’s article is for them. As you know, in exams we are asked to write paragraphs on various topics. One such topic is about own Bangladesh. The strategy should be adopted in writing paragraphs.

Usually between 120 and 200 words. So how many marks paragraph is asked to write in your exam. To compose a paragraph depending on that. Try to write your own way without using the language of the book.

That would be even better. For your convenience, we have written paragraphs and published the link size on our website. You can see it by clicking on the link.

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