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Airtel MB Transfer 2022 BD Code & System | Gift Data Package from Airtel to Airtel

Dear friends, today we will discuss the Airtel package. You know Airtel Robi has become one in 2018. So in many cases, the offers of Robi and Airtel are almost the same. Today we will talk about some different offers from Robi and Airtel and different services.

In today’s post, we will tell you how to transfer megabytes from one SIM to another. This offer is very popular with many. This is because in many cases it is very necessary to transfer internet or megabytes from one SIM to another. So thinking about them, Airtel has announced this offer to you today.

Today we will discuss what changes Robi 2022 has made to this offer. You can read this article from beginning to end if you want. If you read this article carefully, you will get all kinds of information related to megabyte transfer.

Airtel MB Transfer System 2022

Dear Customer, Many of you are looking for Airtel MB Transfer System online or on Google. Today we will tell you about the system for your cooperation. If you are an Airtel customer, you can transfer megabytes using this system. If you want to transfer megabytes from one SIM to another then you have to follow some procedure.

You need to send a free SMS to a number. If not, you need to find out by calling Customer Care Line 121. You need to send the message to be included in the offer. Send the message according to the procedure below and register your number.

SMS: ADD <Space> <10 digit mobile number> to 121

For example: <Add your number> and send 121.

How to Transfer Data from Airtel to Airtel through Airtel app

You can transfer megabytes through your Airtel app without code. In that case, you need to download the My Airtel app from the Google Play Store. You need to install it on your Android phone.

Airtel Internet Offer 2022

Airtel Minute Offer 2022

If you register with the Airtel SIM on your phone or with the Airtel number, you can see all the information about your SIM through the apps.

You can download Airtel’s apps by dialling * 129 * 101 #. An OTP code will come to your phone. You can activate your app with this OTP code.

Airtel to Airtel Data Transfer Code 2022

If you are an Airtel customer. Then Airtel can gift 10 MB and 25 MB packages to another Airtel number.

In that case, you have to dial some specific code. By dialing the code you can gift 10 MB and 25 MB to any number from your phone.

Airtel IMO Pack 2022

Airtel Social Pack 2022

Follow the procedure below to know how to gift through code dial

To share 10 MB internet on Airtel number you dial * 141 * 172 * 11 * your number #.

For example: * 141 * 172 * 11 * 9580871712 #

25 MB to share

Dial the code * 141 * 172 * 9 * 9580871712 #

How to Share 1 GB Data on Airtel

Many people are searching for how to share 1 GB data of Google Airtel. We will let you know today. First, you have to dial the code * 141 * 172 * then your Airtel number will get an OTP code. With that OTP code, you can share Airtel mobile data to another number.

Airtel New SIM Offer 2022

Airtel Recharge Offer 2022

Or you have to go to the message option of your smartphone then send SHERE to 121. After that, a return SMS will come to your phone shortly. Now you need to make a list of the numbers to which you will share the data.

For this, you have to go to the message option, type NUMBER and send it to 121. Your list will be confirmed after sending.

Airtel to GP MB Transfer System

You can transfer megabytes from Airtel to GP number if you want. Follow the procedure below to know how to get the job done. First, you need to dial this code if you want to share the package from Airtel to GP 10 MB.

* 141 * 712 * 11 * Mobile number #.

Airtel SMS Pack 2022

Airtel Bondho SIM Offer 2022

Airtel to Robi MB Transfer System

If you want, you can transfer megabytes from Airtel to Robi SIM. We will tell you how to transfer. You can share the offer of 10 MB 25 MB and 5 MB from your Airtel to Robi number.

To transfer 10 MB dial * 141 * 712 * 11 * received number #

To transfer 25 MB dial * 141 * 712 * 9 * received number #

To transfer 60 MB dial * 141 * 712 * 4 * received number #

Airtel MB Transfer System 2022

Airtel Balance Transfer System 2022

Airtel Data Transfer Trick

Today we will discuss the trick of Airtel Data Transfer. You can easily transfer megabytes from Airtel to any other operator. We are telling you how to transfer through this article.

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