bKash New Account Offer 2024 & Account Open Process by App

Dear bkash user, how are you? Would you like to get ideas on various bkash new account opening issues or bkash offers? Then today’s post is for you. Nowadays, keeping pace with the times, modern technology is making it possible to do everything at home.

For example, you can now exchange taka to anyone in the country using the bkash app from home. In this case, we will tell you to use the bkash app. By using bkash app you can exchange taka very easily. We are constantly providing customer service with various information related to opening bkash and bonus on our website.

You can learn from our website how to open a bkash account and the next and previous processes of opening an account. We have discussed it on our website. And the idea of ​​various offers for new customers is also given on our website. So we say visit our website regularly to get an idea about the above topics.

bKash New Account Offer 2024

bkash is giving some great interesting offers to their new customers. Offers only apply to new customers. There are some different offers for older customers. This includes bkash recharge offer send money offer.

If you are a new bkash customer, you can easily get bkash new recharge offer. In this case you can recharge 25 taka in any SIM by using the bkash app for free and later 25 taka will be refunded to you as cashback. There is bkash send money offer for new customers.

Usually when you go to bkash send money some taka is deducted. For new customers, bkash is a golden opportunity to do taka transactions once for free. In this case, you have to use some methods to get the offers. The process is clearly explained on our website. You can get an idea of ​​the issues by visiting our website.

bkash account open offer 2024

If you are opening a bkash account for the first time then there are some interesting offers for you. For example, for new customers, there is a process of sending money once for free. bkash uploads their offers in an updated way for customers.

If you want to know about the new offer of bkash account then visit our website. We publish all the updates about Technews on our website.

bkash new account recharge offer 2024

If bkash users are new subscribers, they will be able to recharge 25 taka for the first time on any SIM for free. In this case 25 taka will be returned as cashback.

We will tell you if you want to get the offer then recharge 25 taka now using bkash app. The offer is only acceptable by using the bkash app. You will not be included in this offer by recharging the analog process.

bkash account open process by App

If you want, you can easily open a new bkash account at home. In this case, you need your own N-ID card. You must first download the bkash app from the Google Play Store.

Next you need to provide a picture of your NID card to open the app and once the information is complete you can open a full bkash account with your own name.

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