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Radio Leisure is an FM radio channel in Bangladesh. Radio Furti started broadcasting in Chittagong from July 22-23. Narayanganj, Gazipur, Manikganj, Munshiganj, Tangail, Comilla, Chandpur, Brahmanbaria, Narsingdi, Bhairab, Habiganj

and surrounding areas are covered under transmission capacity of up to 5 km of Dhaka station. Recently, an Android app called Fuerti App has been released, which allows you to listen to Radio Leopard using the Internet.

On August 7, Radio Futi began its experimental broadcasting through the Dhaka Station. Then on September 26 of that year, Radio Fuerte started a 24-hour official broadcast. The frequency change is only for Dhaka Station.

Download Bhoot FM Recorded Episodes

Greater Chittagong listeners listen to the program on FM FM as before. Ghost FM was one of Radio Fuerte’s shows. Ghost FM first debuted on August 7. RJ Russell runs the event.

Masum manages the sound. Ghost FM starts at 4.30 pm on Friday night and ends at 2 pm. The last episode aired on December 7. You can easily download all episodes of Ghost FM from one of Radio Leisure’s shows.

Or if you prefer, you can listen to every episode online here without even downloading it. So if you want to listen to each episode you have to click on the link below. So click on the link below & keep listening.

Bhoot FM Recorded Episodes

Every Friday at midnight, the clock starts at 12 pm and welcomes the state of fear and begins the popular radio program ‘Ghost FM’. In the first conducting music, Ga was ejected.

However, from now on Friday night at 12 o’clock will not be heard on the show. It is reported that the last episode of the popular radio history program was aired on December 5 (Friday).

The program, which has been running for three years, has been announced. However, it is unclear whether the show will be launched with its director Ashraful Alam Russell.

Radio Leopard’s popular show ‘Ghost FM’ closes

Ashraful Alam told a media outlet that the last episode of ‘Ghost FM’ was supposed to be aired on December 26 at Radio Furti. But without broadcasting the episode, Radio Leisure Authority announced the event was closed. The event was the last date of that date. I don’t know if the show will launch.

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What is the reason for the sudden pull off of a popular show that lasted for five years? In response, Russell said that the radio leakage was stopped immediately without giving any reason. I do not know if there was any previous plan.

On August 27, ‘Ghost FM’ started without any preparation on FM radio in Bangladesh. For a long time, the program was on the list of the most popular shows in the country.

Bhoot FM

FM Radio History’s popular show ‘Ghost FM’ has closed. The last episode of the show, which lasted 3 years, was aired on Friday, December 5. The last episode of Ghost FM was scheduled to air next December 20, with Radio Fuerte.  But without broadcasting the episode, Radio Leisure Authority announced the event was closed.

In this regard, the program’s conductor Ashraful Alam Russell told Time News that the event was closed on the 7th. Do not know if it will be renewed. What is the reason for stopping suddenly? When asked, he said that the program was abruptly stopped. There is no reason for this. There is no plan to stop you from thinking of crossing the road for 5 years. The program was abruptly stopped by the Radio Leisure Authority.

Remarkably, every hour at midnight on Friday, the clock starts at 12 pm, welcoming the state of fear, the most popular show in the history of FM radio in Bangladesh, ‘ghost FM’. For a long time, it has been broadcasting for the first time in the country, the country’s largest network of radio stations, Radio Leisure.

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