Class 2 Short Syllabus 2024 PDF Download

Many of you want to know about Class 2 Syllabus. But the Ministry of Mass Education has not yet published the policy decision on this short syllabus. However, it is expected that they will prepare the first to fourth class syllabi by November 15 and publish them on their official website.

Through this decision, they will take Bengali, English and general mathematics exams. It will present information about the quality of the question paper, the distribution and how much time it will take.

So this article is for your convenience. We are trying to present to you in detail. You can read the article from beginning to end and get a complete idea of ​​Class 2 short syllabus.

Class 2 Short Syllabus 2024 PDF

You already know that due to the Corona situation, the educational institution has been closed for about a month and a half and the physical classes have started from September 12.

A short syllabus is being taught in government primary schools for three months this year. The Ministry of Mass Education has arranged separate training for all primary school teachers to read it.

Therefore, the Ministry of Mass Education and the Board of Education have stated that they will prepare the Class 2 syllabus within the next 15 days. So you can learn about Class 2 syllabus through this article.

Class 2 Short Syllabus 2024 notice

You know that all educational institutions have been closed since March 17, 2024, due to coronavirus. Although educational activities have continued through online. However, the students did not get the fun of physical classes.

The last primary school certificate examination was not held due to the Karna epidemic. It was not even possible to open any educational institution. So the students have faced a threat to their studies. So today we will present to you about Class 2 Syllabus through this article.

The subject of the second year syllabus is to prepare Class 2 syllabus on three subjects Bengali, English and Mathematics and Class 2 examination will be held.

class 2 syllabus in bangladesh 2024

Many of you were looking for a PDF file of Class 2 short syllabus. So you can download these PDF files through this article. Soon the Ministry of Education

and the Ministry of Mass Education will publish the related activities on their websites. Through this article, you will be able to download the PDF files of the short syllabus of Bengali, English and Mathematics.

Download: Class 2 Short Syllabus 2024

Apart from this, you will get information about the number of tests to be held on some subjects and the number of full marks through the website. So how did friends like today’s article? Submit your opinion in the comments section. syllabus 2024

Friends, you already know that the Ministry of Secondary and Mass Education has announced to take short syllabus on the subject with short syllabus above three months of all academic years. You can find out such information by visiting the official website of the Ministry of Mass Education.

This information will be published on their official website A notification will be issued through this information. Through this notification, the examination number information of different subjects will be mentioned in phases.

So those of you who want to know information about this. You can find out through this article. We will discuss Class 2 short syllabus in detail through this article.

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