National ID Card Correction & Payment System Online

Now you can easily modify your national identity card online. Those who have a previous national identity card can get a new smart card by modifying their previous card if they want.

The NID card is issued under Election Commission Bangladesh. This card basically proves a person as a citizen of Bangladesh.

If you want, you can easily correct the wrong information of your national identity card online from here.

National ID Card Correction by Online

You can easily correct the wrong information about your national identity card online. It used to be necessary to go to the Election Commission office to correct the information of the National Identity Card but now if you want you can easily correct the wrong information of your National Identity Card online.

Moreover, you can become a new voter online if you want. You can also change the picture of your voter ID card online if you want. We will now discuss how to do these things. The Election Commission offers three alternative methods online. These are:

  • Want to update your NID information?
  • Do you want to be a new voter?
  • What are the documents required for NID information?

Are you looking for rules to correct incorrect information in your national identity card?

Then you are in the right place because from here you can easily find out the methods to correct the wrong information of your national identity card.

National ID Card Correction Fee for Application

  • National ID Card Renew: Regular Tk. 100/= & Urgent Tk. 150/=
  • Lost or New ID Card: Regular Tk. 200/= & Urgent Tk. 300/=
  • NID Information Correction: Tk. 200/=

National ID Card Correction System

Anyone can change the information of the Bangladesh National Identity Card, change the information and change the address online.

Bangladesh Election Commission has given the opportunity to change the wrong information of national identity card online.

Below are some of the things you can change from your national identity card online.

  • Information Change
  • Address Change
  • Move You Voter Area
  • Photo Change
  • Re-Print National ID Card/Voter ID Card
  • National ID Card Present Process Information

How to Change National ID Card Photo or Information?

1. Complete the registration process by filling in the required information.

2. Log in with your card information and mobile activation code.

3. Update the information in the information change form and take a print of it.

4. Sign the printed form and submit the scanned copy online.

5. Submit a colour scanned copy of the required documents online to change the information.

Now click on ‘I want to fill the registration form:

Now fill the form correctly-

  • NID Number: (If your NID number is 13 digits, then you must first give your year of birth. Example: Your card number is 12345691000 and year of birth is 1990. You will give it as 199012345691000)
  • Date of birth: (View card and select)
  • Mobile phone number: (Give your correct mobile number as it will send verification code to the mobile)
  • Email: (If you want, you can give it, if you don’t give it, there is no problem, if you give the email ID, you can send the verification code to the email when you log in later if you don’t have mobile)
  •  Current address: Division District Upazila / Thana Select what you gave when you were a voter.
  •  Permanent Address: Select the Division District Upazila / Thana which you gave when you were a voter.
  •  Login Password: Password must be a number of uppercase letters and numbers. Example: AllEducat90

Apply for National ID Card Information Correction

Now fill in the captures correctly. Put the upper case letters or numbers given in the lower case, but you don’t have to give space. Now go to the second step by clicking the “Register” button.

After registering the form correctly and successfully, see that the verification code has come to your mobile and the option to submit that code has come in the browser, place the verification code of your mobile in the place like the picture below and click on the register button.

Click Resend SMS (SMS) if mobile does not code within 2 minutes

  • After entering the code correctly, your account will be activated. Now a page will appear asking you to login or login link
  • To log in, you need to select your National Identity Card number (if it is 13, you must first include your date of birth), date of birth and how you want to get the verification code with your given password.
  • If you have the registered mobile number in your hand, if it is not in the mobile, select it in the email.
  • Now click on “Front”.
  • Now login to your selected option by entering the verification code from mobile or email.
  • If the code does not arrive within two minutes, click the “Resend Code” button.
  • This time all the information in your database with the Election Commission can be seen. Click on any of the options below as needed and update the information. This way you can easily correct your national identity card information or change the picture.
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