Class 6 Short Syllabus 2024 PDF Download

Today I am going to discuss the syllabus provided by the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education through this article. Through this article, we will present the information related to the annual examination of the students studying in the sixth to ninth class and the pre-selection examination 2024 for the students of the tenth class.

Note that on 13th October 2024 a notification was issued on the website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education. This has been informed through notification.

Students studying in class VI to IX will have to take annual exams and students in class X will have to take pre-selection exams between November 24 and November 30. The Board of Secondary and Higher Education has directed to follow the following instructions accordingly.

Class 6 Short Syllabus 2024 PDF

Today we want to talk about Class 6 syllabus and short question paper through this article. You know that all the educational institutions were closed from March 17, 2024, due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Since for some reason, it was not possible to open an educational institution. So it was not possible to take any kind of test. All types of educational institutions have been opened from September 12.

So the syllabus will be given based on the last year’s question and how long the teaching program will run in these three months. If we do all the information through this article, we will present it to you thoroughly.

Class 6 New Syllabus 2024 Bangladesh

Class 6 students need to add this number 10 by participating in the clean-up activities and adding their activities to the companion tree planting project to comply with the hygiene rules.

If you can read the full article. Then you can know more about this. Besides, I have published the PDF file provided by Mausi for you on our website. Many of you want to know about Class 6 Syllabus.

I will present all the information to you through this article. Komalmati students have suffered the most as about 18 educational institutions have been closed due to the long Corona epidemic.

class 6 english syllabus 2024

Therefore, it is requested to know the information related to reading the article from the beginning to the end. The annual examination of the students studying in class VI to IX will be held from November 24 to November 30.

In this case, examinations in Bengali, English and general mathematics will be held. The value of each question paper will be 50 marks. Time will be 1 hour 30 minutes.

Download: Class 6 Short Syllabus 2024

In this case, examination will be held on Bangla first paper second paper, English first paper second paper and general mathematics. Also, 10 numbers will be added after participating in clean cleaning activities and complying with hygiene rules.

class 6 syllabus 2024 bangladesh english version

Their reluctance to study has been born. However, due to the Corona epidemic last year was passed to the next class with auto promotion. But this time he did not have the opportunity. This time you have to participate in the minimum examination and get promotion in the next class.

You can find all the information of Class 6 Syllabus of 2024 from Mausi official website Besides, for your convenience, we have published the information in PDF format in the form of pictures.

Through this article, we will explain to the students from sixth to ninth class what to do for the annual examination and what subjects to follow. I am presenting that information in the form of categories. If you think you will benefit from reading this article. Then read from beginning to end.

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