(দেখুন) Write a dialogue between two friends on harmful effects of drug addiction.

At present drugs are widespread in our body and society. Which is detrimental to society and detrimental to future generations. Drug addiction is a serious problem in our country.

Cannabis, Phensidyl, Yaba, Heroin, Alcohol and Smoking are prevalent drugs. Many people do not know what kind of harm these drugs do to our bodies.

If we highlight the harmful aspects of various drugs through this dialogue. Then our new generation will be able to stay away from the harmful side of drugs.

Today we are informing everyone through this post. Yaba Yaba is now the most harmful drug that can damage memory and attention. Long-term use of this yaba has shown a tendency to commit suicide.

Sexual energy is lost and seen off. Liver Kidney Damage. Increased blood pressure can lead to heart attack. Its contents should be highlighted through dialogue.

The idea of ​​drug addiction was born in the human community about five thousand years ago. From time immemorial, medicinal trees, tree roots, bark, leaves,

and shrubs have been used to relieve pain and cure diseases. But in recent times, drug abuse has grown at an alarming rate, surpassing all socio-economic and state boundaries.

In the developed world as well as in developing Bangladesh, drug abuse has taken a terrible turn. If you can make the content of the conversation between two friends very good

and clear then your dialogue will be successful for him. Besides, according to the report of Bangladesh Drug Addiction Treatment Center, how many millions of people

are addicted to drugs in Bangladesh and how many crores of drugs have been recovered in a day. Those topics can be discussed.

This way you can make your dialogue more informative. So friends, through this post I tried to give you all the information. If you want to get more information, visit the website and take a look.

After discussing everything, the evils and remedies of drug addiction can be discussed. How to keep your child away from drugs can be discussed.

Initially, children need to be kept in mind and if your child is addicted to drugs for any reason then how to get rid of this drug and how to stay away from drugs can be discussed through dialogue.

This is how the success of a dialogue is revealed. Through this post I have informed you all the information. If you want to get any more information, visit the website and take a look.

Keep your eyes and ears open around you. If you see a drug addict or a girl, try to contact her family. Take legal help if needed.

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