Gulistan Market Off Day 2024 (gulistan patal, sundarban, underground market off day)

Friends, you know that different areas of Dhaka city are divided into seven parts. Only for decongesting traffic and saving electricity. So there are shopping malls in Dhaka city of Bangladesh.

Dhaka City Corporation has decided to divide the shopping malls into seven regions and close them for one day and on weekends. Now you may have questions about the shopping malls

and your market in different areas. When are the weekends of those shopping malls? Today we will discuss the details of closing those shopping malls in front of you through this post.

Read the article from beginning to end. Hope you like it very much. Dhaka city in Bangladesh is very popular for shopping. Market shopping malls in Dhaka city are closed on different days of the week.

Before going to any shopping mall, check the list of weekly closing days or holidays if they market. Then the audience will be helpful for them. Because so much time will be saved.

Today we will discuss detailed information about the closure schedule of various shopping malls in front of you through this post. You are often asked which day of the week the markets are closed.

Through this post, I am discussing before you. Markets and shopping malls in Dhaka’s Gulistan area are closed on Tuesdays. Markets around Baitul Mukarram and Baitul Mukarram are closed

at half past noon on Thursdays and Fridays. Hope friends have understood today’s article. Today, through this post, we will discuss detailed information about Gulistan shopping malls

in the heart of Dhaka when they are closed and when they are on weekends. Since Eid is ahead. You will definitely want to visit your favorite and nearby shopping malls for Eid shopping.

Gulistan Market Off Day

But if you travel on weekends. Then you will waste your time and suffer unnecessarily. So, before going to the market, you must know when the market weekend is.

It will be very pleasant for you and will not be a waste of time. I would like to know when Gulistan underground market is closed and when is the weekend is. Through today’s post,

I will tell you when Gulistan Patal Market is closed. I will discuss about that. Usually, these markets do not have any weekend before Eid and festival. Accordingly, Gulisthan Patal Market is closed usually on Tuesdays.

But before Eid and during festivals, we hardly have a weekend. So friends through this I have come to know the detailed information before you. If I want to know any information. Visit our website to find out.

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