HSC Admission Confirmation System | Xi Class Admission Payment

Admission must be confirmed after the results for class XI are published in the 2020-2021 academic year. In this case, those who will be placed in the first merit list must be confirmed for college admission, otherwise, their initial application will be rejected.

Below we will discuss in detail what is admission confirmation and how to ensure admission in class XI. Confirmation is not mandatory.

If you get a chance at a college in the first place and you don’t think it’s perfect for you, don’t worry. If not admitted in the first step, admission in the second or third step will be risky. So the first step should be the admission.

HSC Admission Confirmation System 2020

Admission is to be confirmed by paying the fee by SMS. Admission can be confirmed through Teletalk, Rocket and SureCash. Below is the method of paying fees by them.

If you want to confirm the roll number, registration, board, contact number with which you will log in. If you have your own number, you can do it sitting at home.

Admission Confirmation by Teletalk

The procedure for confirming admission through Teletalk is given below among the students who want to get admission in class XI. Remember, if you want to confirm the admission through Teletalk, the service charge will be 14.80 takas, so the total cost of confirmation fee and Teletalk service charge will be 214. 60 takas.

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CAD <space> The first three letters of the board <space> roll number <space> next year. Then send it to 16222.

Example: CAD DHA 104285 2020

When the first SMS is sent, a PIN number with the name of the student, Board of Education, roll number will come in the Reply SMS.

CAD <space> YES <space> PIN NUMBER <space> is a mobile number. In this case, the mobile number must be the number given by the student’s application. Then send it to 16222.

Example: CAD YES 121252 01762******

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Admission Confirmation through Rocket

Now if you want to confirm admission through rocket then service charge will be 3 takas so the total cost including confirmation fee and rocket service charge will be 203 takas.

Step 1: Dial * 322 *.

Step 2: Click on the Payment option. Then click on the Bill Pay option or just get the Bill payment option first.

Step 3: Now you will get two options called Self and Other. If you have your own rocket account, you have to click on the self option and if you have another account, you have to click on another option.

Step 4: Enter payer’s mobile number in place of entering payer mobile number.

Step 5: Then type 626 in the Biller ID option.

Step 6: Press the Answer option and enter the board code <> pass year <> roll number in Bill Number. No need to give any space. Example: Bill Number DHA2019162535

Step 7: Press Answer and type 200.

Step 8: Enter the PIN number of the last account.

If all the above processes are successful, you will get a message of Payment Confirmation from 16222.

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Admission Confirmation Procedure via SureCash

If you want to confirm with SureCash, the service charge will be only 3 takas so the total cost of confirmation will be 203 takas.

Step 1: Dial * 495 *.

Step 2: Then click on the Payment option.

Step 3: Then write CADR on the next page.

Step 4: Now enter the board code <> year of pass <> roll number on the Student ID

page. No need to give any space. Example: DHA2019162535

Step 5: In this step, you have to give the mobile number.

Step 6: Then the applicant’s name, roll number and Rs 200 will be deducted and the PIN number of your account will be asked.

Step 7: Once you enter the PIN number, the admission confirmation process will end.

Step 8: If the payment is successful, the Payment successful message will be displayed or will come.

Payment Confirmation Details of All Method

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