(দেখে নিন) A dialogue between two friends about reading the newspaper.

You may be wondering how to write a dialogue. As you know, the occasional test is to write a dialogue with a friend about the benefits of reading a newspaper. Today through this post

we will show you how to write dialogues and dialogues according to proper rules. Which will never tire the reader. Today we will present all the information through this post.

The ability to conduct a conversation in the right way, the ability to communicate easily is the key to all the doors of our lives. You must know how to write a dialogue and increase communication with people.

Today’s article is going to be very important for you. There are several things to keep in mind when writing a dialogue. No words can be written without any unreasonable words

and subject matter. Be sure to treat the person you are talking to according to your age. If you are a friend, call yourself or you. But you are better than all.

Also if you have a dialogue with a big man. Then you must address him as you are and show respect. Start the conversation with a polite speech at the beginning.

Then I think your dialogue will be more smooth and more beautiful. But in the case of dialogue, avoid unnecessary and obscure words. Try to be as realistic as possible.

To those who look at the book, the conversation may seem more realistic. Keep that in mind. At the beginning of the conversation start with courtesy

and end the dialogue with positive comments of your dialogue. But one of these words must always be kept in mind. The subject matter you are talking about should never be missed.

That is, discuss and converse on that topic. Never bring unnecessary and other topics into the dialogue. This can make your dialogue worse.

However, when writing a dialogue, you need to keep in mind some information. Fictional dialogue has only two characters, usually, two friends are asked to write a conversation.

The background can be set before the dialogue begins. Even if you don’t do the background again. However, if you want to prepare to write a dialogue, you must practice well at home.

Otherwise, you will be able to write good dialogues and dialogues in competitive exams. However, writing a fictional week depends largely on the habit of reading books,

watching drama movies, real experiences and the power of imagination. If these issues can be mastered well then you can get good marks in the dialogue.

So friends, through this post, I have given you all the information. How do you write a dialogue or a dialogue? In competitive exams, if you keep its contents in mind.

Then it is possible to do really well. In front of you through this post and giving detailed information about the benefits of reading the newspaper.

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