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The national pay scale is all the rules and regulations related to the salary allowances of all government employees are included in the order or gazette. We usually call it the national pay scale. Issued in 8th scale from 15-12-2015.

Today we are trying to present to you some information about the 2015 gazette through this article. Therefore, it is requested to read the article carefully from the beginning to the end.

We have also published the PDS file of the 5th scale of 2015, along with the pay scale of 2009 in front of you on our website. You can download it from here.

Pay Scale 2015 Gadget

The Gazette was published on 21 July 2015 by the Government and the Ministry of Finance. It has been informed through this Gazette that the present pay scale of the existing posts will be abolished immediately before 1st July 2015.

From that date onwards the lower salary will remain in force against the current pay scale. In this case the first class scale will get 86 thousand Tk and the minimum salary will get 8250 Tk. At the same time you will get other benefits and allowances at a fixed rate.

You must know that at present the government is enjoying other benefits including salaries and allowances according to the eighth pay scale of government officials and employees. The salary scale and grading system is the grade of government job.

9th pay scale Bangladesh

Previously there were four classes. Now 20 grades have been divided into four classes. At present it is first to ninth grade. Formerly second grade which is currently only tenth grade. Previously third grade which is now 11th to 16th grade.

Formerly 4th grade which is now 17th to 20th grade. And 20th is the last grade. The Gazetted Officers of the first class are in a comparatively good position in terms of overall quality, dignity, the scope of duties and facilities.

Then came the secretary, the chief secretary, who lived in the first to ninth grades of the first class. The cadre of first class officer or gazetted officer cadre is issued in the official gazette or notification at the time of appointment. Self-appointed by the President.

national pay scale 2015 bd pdf

On the whole, first class Gazetted Officers are in a relatively good position in terms of scope of duty and facilities. Above him is the Chief Secretary. Hello friends, today we will present to you all the information related to National Pay Scale through this article.

So if you can from the beginning to the end of the article. You will get all the information related to pay scale. According to the 2015 pay scale, the first class officer gets the highest salary of 78 thousand Tk and the minimum salary is 8250 Tk.

However, the facilities are convenient for the first to ninth grade officers based on their responsibilities in the workplace. Tenth grade only for second class officers-employees. For third class officer employees from 11th to 16th grade. new pay scale

I am discussing the national pay scale in front of you. For more information on this scale, visit You can also download the PDF file provided on our website and view all the related information from there.

For those of you who are government officials and employees, it is very important to know about the pay scale. Note that the latest pay scale was issued in 2015.

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