Physical Exercise Composition PDF for SSC, Class 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 (250, 300, 1000 Words)

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To keep body healthy and body healthy we must do physical exercise every day. Exercise is very important for good health. Exercising provides a variety of physical and mental benefits to humans.

For example, a student must exercise. Because exercise keeps the brain fresh. Also, every person should do physical exercise every day. Otherwise, the body will get sick very quickly.

Physical exercise keeps a person’s body healthy. For example, it keeps people’s mind good, prevents diseases, gives strength to the body. Physical exercise also has many other benefits.

If a person does physical exercise every day, he stays healthy for a long time and his immune system increases a lot and he becomes more active. Physical exercise is very important for different parts of the body.

And there are different types of exercises for each part of the body. If everyone does all those exercises, his body parts will be fresh. And if the body is healthy, then the mind is also healthy.

Everything is good when people have a good heart. Exercising makes our body parts move. As a result, each organ can carry out its normal functions. There are different types of exercise.

Like- running, swimming, walking, different types of sports, like playing cricket, playing football, cycling etc. We must do all these exercises regularly every day.

But there are definitely certain times when it comes to exercise. For example, morning and evening are the best times to exercise. And we must take care that the stomach is not empty while exercising.

Physical Exercise Composition

Because exercising on an empty stomach is harmful to health. As physical exercise plays an important role in the development of the body, physical exercise composition comes for the candidates in various examinations of our country.

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