(ডাউনলোড করুন) A dialogue between two friend about school magazine.

Currently a new subject has been included in the curriculum of each class. Its name is Dialogue or Conversation or Dialogue. Usually through dialogue a person expresses

his feelings with other people. At present each exam is allowed to write dialogues on different topics. Dialogue is the process by which two or more people engage in dialogue on a subject.

For many, dialogue is a completely new concept. Many do not know how to write a dialogue. Many do not know how to present to the reader.

There are certain rules for writing dialogues. In today’s article, we have discussed all these issues. A look at most of the tests shows that a dialogue usually comes up.

And that is school magazine. Many people get worried when it comes to writing this dialogue. Can’t figure out how to write dialogues to get more numbers.

If you want to write a dialogue about a school magazine, you must know what a school magazine is. A school magazine is a reflection of a school year-round.

School magazines usually show the different talents of teachers. If you want to write a school magazine dialogue, you must mention your school magazine in the dialogue.

When you write a dialogue about a school magazine, you think your friend is in front of you. When you have a friend in front of you, try to write the dialogue exactly as you would say.

One thing to keep in mind, of course, is that the language of the dialogue is easy and fluent. Use words that seem easy to the reader.

Glorious language can never be used in dialogue. Complex language cannot be used. The reader should be careful so that there is no difficulty while reading the dialogue.

Usually, it is enough to use 150 to 170 words in dialog number 5. Many of you find dialogue extremely difficult. But let me say that the dialogue is very simple among

all the questions that are asked in English. It is easier to pick up numbers in the dialog. Many of you are wondering how to actually write a dialogue outside of the curriculum.

When it comes to writing dialogues on any topic, dialogue needs to be practiced more and more. It will be difficult to write the dialogue first.

Gradually the idea of ​​dialogue will come as you write the dialogue. If you don’t know the meaning of different words when writing dialogues, you can follow different English newspapers if you want.

Once you learn how to write dialogue, you will find it very useful for various job test interviews. Many of you are looking for the School Magazine Dialogue between two friends.

We have given this dialogue in today’s article. You can also collect the dialogue from our article if you want. So I can say that today’s post is very important for each of you.

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