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Student friends, you all know that the educational institution was closed for about a year and a half due to the Karna virus. As a result, they were not given the opportunity to prepare for the exam properly.

In this context, new rules have been formulated in this year’s SSC examination system. Earlier, the test was held for three hours, but now it is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Also, 50 marks were taken instead of 100 marks.

As a result, students are worried about new grading points. In today’s post we have discussed in detail about the grading system of SSC exam in 2022, GPA calculation.

ssc exam gpa calculation 2022

GPA of SSC exam is very important for every student. Many of those who have taken the SSC exam do not know how to calculate GPA. Today’s post discusses an easy way to do GPA calculations.

The first thing to do is to do the calculations. Except for the fourth subject, the points obtained in each subject have to be added. Subtract 2 from the obtained points of the fourth subject. Then this point has to be added to the sum.

Then the total sum of the points has to be divided by the number of subjects except the fourth subject. In this way the results of SSC examination can be easily calculated.

ssc grading system in bangladesh 2022

To find the GPA of each subject as a percentage, add 1 to the GPA obtained and multiply the sum by 20. In this way, the percentage of any subject can be calculated. Suppose the GPA obtained in Bengal is 4.00.

SSC Exam GPA Calculator 2022 System

Now to calculate the percentage of GPA obtained in Bengal, first, you have to add 1 with 4.00. Then you have to do 20 times with it. E.g. (3.00 + 1) = 4.00, (4.00 × 20) = 80%

In this way GPA of any subject of SSC can be calculated by expressing it as a percentage. Hope you have benefited from today’s post.

SSC GPA Calculator without 4th subject

To find out the GPA except for the fourth subject, add up the GPA obtained for the subjects other than the fourth subject and divide the sum by the total subjects except the fourth subject.

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Let us illustrate the point with an example- Suppose we get 5.00 points in Bengali, 5.00 points in English, 5.00 points in Mathematics, 5.00 points in Religion, 4.00 points in Physics,

5.00 points in Chemistry, 5.00 points in Biology, 4.00 points in Biology, 4.00 in Society. = 38. There are eight subjects except the fourth subject.

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ssc gpa system 2022 BD

Excluding the fourth subject, the total GPA will be = (38 ÷ 8) = 4.75. In this way in this process you will be able to easily find out the GPA except the fourth subject. So read the post carefully from beginning to end.

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