(Check) SSC Exam Grading System in Bangladesh 2024

This year’s SSC exam has been different from other years. SSC 2024 examination system has seen a lot of changes. There are many who do not have a complete idea about the grating system.

We have discussed SSC grading system, calculation in detail in today’s post. Hopefully, by reading today’s post carefully you will get a clear idea about grading system.

So read carefully from beginning to end of the post. Significant changes can be noticed in the grading system of 2024 SSC candidates.

ssc grading system 2024

This time the test was taken at 50 marks instead of 100 marks. Grade points will be determined by converting 50 numbers to 100 when creating results. That means A + used to be calculated between 80 and 100 numbers.

The same will be calculated again. However, grading points will be given by converting 50 numbers to 100 numbers. Number 50 must be passed separately in the creative part and in the personal part.

Then the result will be created by adding the total number and converting it to 100 number. I hope after reading today’s post you have got a lot of ideas about grading system.

SSC 2024 grade distribution

There has been a significant change in the distribution of SSC candidates this year. Tests were almost uncertain due to the Karana virus. It has been decided to take the test to reduce the prevalence of covid-19.

SSC Grading System in Bangladesh 2024

This has resulted in changes in test numbers and times. Instead of 100 marks, the test has been taken at 50 marks. It has been decided that those students of science department will take their test at 37 marks.

Out of 37, 20 marks are for creative, 12 marks are for personal and 5 marks are for practical. Also, out of the 50 students in the humanities and business education, 30 marks have been allotted for the creative and the remaining 20 marks have been allocated for the non-creative.

ssc grading system in bangladesh 2024 short syllabus

Thus grade points have been considered. Hopefully after reading today’s post you have learned a lot about the Great Distribution. So today’s post is very important for everyone.

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The steps are discussed below. So that students can calculate GPA very easily. The first thing to do to calculate GPA. Clicking on the Calculate button will take out the GPA.

SSC Exam GPA Calculator 2024 System

1. You have to select your SSC group by clicking on the link shared below. That means if you are a student of science department, you have to click on science department.

2. Then click on the Great Format option.

3. Then click on SSC subject and then click on the grade point obtained in each subject.

4. Finally click on the Great option.

In this way, the results of any board test can be calculated. Many of those who took the SSC exam in 2024 are thinking about SSC calculations. Today’s post discusses calculations in detail.

ssc grading system in bangladesh 2024

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