Surokkha gov bd Vaccine Registration Process 2024 Bangladesh

Today in this post we have discussed the whole process of registering online for the coronavirus vaccine. So you can register for the vaccine from here or using the website

Currently, anyone over the age of 25 can register for the vaccine. However, it is very unfortunate that many people do not know the process of registering for the vaccine.

You already know that 200 to 300 people die every day due to the horrors of coronavirus. As a result, it has planned to give any vaccine from August 7, 2024, as per the government directive.

www surokkha gov bd vaccine

So I would say you can now easily apply for the vaccine using this website We already know that the vaccine greatly reduces the risk of coronary heart disease.

Therefore, it is not possible to prevent coronavirus without vaccination. So now everyone over the age of 25 can register for the coronavirus vaccine as per the government directive. Earlier, everyone over the age of 40 registered for the coronavirus vaccine.

However, a statement from the Ministry of Health said that in a few days, everyone above the age of 18 will be covered by the vaccine. Therefore, it is important for every citizen to be vaccinated to get rid of the coronavirus. application form

Many of you are looking for application form. So for your convenience, we have made this post. So that you can easily download this application form from here.

You must fill out an application form to get the corona vaccine. However, this application form has to be filled online. So if you want, you can fill the application form to get the vaccine through mobile apps.

So I will say that from our post you can know all the processes of registering the vaccine. So I can say that this post is very important for you. Register for the vaccine right now from here.

vaccine registration process from Surokkha gov bd

You must follow the steps below to get the vaccine. So by following the steps below, you can now register for the vaccine.

  • First, go to website.
  • Then provide your voter ID card number.
  • Then give the date of birth of your voter ID card correctly.
  • Then you need to fill in the captcha code.
  • Finally, click on the submit button.

If you can follow the above steps correctly. Then you can register for vaccination on our website. bd 2024 Bangladesh

The Bangladesh government originally created the website to receive the coronavirus vaccine. So if you are interested in getting vaccinated, you must register online and through mobile apps.

One month after registration, you will be asked to give the first dose of vaccine via SMS on your mobile and you will have to go to your nearest health complex to get this vaccine.

One month after giving the first dose of vaccine, a message will come on your mobile to give you the second dose of vaccine. Then you need to be vaccinated in the second stage. After that, you can download the certificate of coronavirus vaccine if you want.

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