The Season I Like Most Composition for Class 9, 10, 12, 8 (500, 200 Words)

Everyone has different preferences in life. Among all the seasons that we have in our country, different people prefer different types of seasons. And here we are today featuring one of my favorite seasons.

Also, we will publish a 500 word essay on my favorite season of class 10 here. Those of you who want to read about favorite seasons or my favorite season essays can see our complete post.

Hope you can know more about this by looking at the post. Bangladesh is a country of six seasons. There are six seasons in Bangladesh. These seasons are Summer, Monsoon, Autumn,

Hemant, Winter and Spring. Every season presents itself to people with its different form. Every season is different or distinct from one another. Then we see a new view of the environment.

Among the six seasons that we have in our country, my favorite season is Basantakal or Vasantha Ritu. After winter bids farewell to nature, spring welcomes nature. Spring season is neither cold nor hot.

When the dry weather of winter is gone, a new environment is created in the spring season. Spring season is known as the king of seasons. Because in this season many flowers bloom on the trees.

When the dry weather of winter leaves all the leaves of the tree, the spring season brings new green color to the tree. Then small green leaves peeked out from the trees. At the same time, the fragrance of the flowers fills

the surrounding environment with fragrance. Besides, in spring we can see different kinds of birds among the leaves of the trees and the sound or song of those birds fascinates us.

The sweet call or song of the cuckoo in spring touches our hearts. Besides, this time is the harvest time. During the spring season, farmers raise different types of crops in their homes.

Spring season is a favorite season of most people in our country. Different types of flowers bloom in this season. Like Hasnahena, Bakul Kamini, Jaba, Shiuli etc.

The Season I Like Most Composition

People can enjoy the scent of all these flowers. Also, there are many vegetables in spring and the climate is mild and temperate. Phalgun and Chaitra months coincide with the spring season.

Pahela Phalgun Vasant Utsav is celebrated to welcome this spring season. And in this spring festival, we see the beauty of flowers in all parts of our country. Because then the girls wear yellow sarees

and flowers of different colors are placed on the khopa and the boys wear yellow Punjabi to welcome the Vasant festival or the spring. And we have published an essay suitable for class 10 on our website about this spring season of my choice.

You can read that essay from our website. There are many who want to write a 500 word essay on my favorite season. So we’ve published an essay sample on my favorite seasons in this post.

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