(দেখুন) A dialogue between two friends about the preparation for test examination.

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My test is ahead so I and I are now preparing for this test. I also want to get good results in exams and to brighten the face of my parents. That is why I am trying to study well now.

I have problems with a few things in some places. So now I am more focused on those issues. For example, I have some problems with math.

I am devoting more time to this subject before the exam and I have hired a new teacher to read or understand this subject. Who comes to my house and teaches me about that.

In addition to math, I have some problems with English. So I read English very well in Maths as well. Besides, other subjects are almost finished.

I will read those subjects again before the exam. Because I must get good results in the test. I have to go through this test step well to achieve my life goal.

And for that, I want to take this test very seriously. I have a few other problems besides English math. And I read these things over and over again to solve these problems.

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