(এখানে দেখুন) Write a dialogue between two friends on load shedding.

Suppose there is a competitive test to discuss and write a conversation between two of our friends about load shedding or power outage. Now, this is more important and very

common when writing different types of dialogues or dialogues. Because there is a lot of discussion and criticism about this issue.

Today we will discuss in detail what kind of conversation can happen between two friends about load shedding through this post. Suppose the BCS exam came up between the

two friends to discuss the load shedding in detail. Then how do you raise this issue with the reader? In this case, the content of the load shedding between the two friends should be highlighted

and why the unplanned load shedding should be highlighted to the reader. Electricity is the driving force of modern civilization. Areas that have power supply.

Everyone in those areas is familiar with the term load shedding. Load shedding disrupts power supply. It has become a daily routine in our country. There may be load shedding for various reasons.

More responsible for adequate power generation and unplanned load shedding. When life is accustomed to electricity. Load shedding there is a curse.

Lack of electricity disrupted production. Factory production declines. Suddenly the roads were plunged into darkness and major accidents occurred.

These topics can be highlighted through a dialogue. So friends, I have been able to give you an idea about this, at least a little bit through this post. What kind of dialogue can that be between two friends.

Today we will discuss load shedding in detail through this post. Why load shedding occurs and the cause of load shedding and the way to get rid of load shedding

if it comes up through a small dialogue. Then that dialogue becomes more informative. Many of you and many times you will see in the test that two friends have been

asked to have a conversation about load shedding. Lack of electricity in extreme heat causes misery in public life. The average power deficit in the capital is about 500 MW.

There is no electricity in different parts of the country and this is available with the officials of Power Distribution Company Limited.

You can bring these issues to the attention of the public through your dialogue. In this case, as well as propaganda, the same dialogue was written.

Hopefully, we have been able to share all the information through this post. And if you want to get any information, you must visit the website and find out.

However, when writing a dialogue, you have to keep in mind some methods and some information. The languages ​​of dialogue are not incomprehensible when it comes to writing dialogues.

That matter must be taken seriously. In addition, the reader should not take any kind of boring feeling should be taken seriously. Then your dialogue will be successful.

Friends, through this post I have given you all the information. Hope you understand. If you want to get more information. You can see it from the link given below.

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