(দেখুন এখানে) Write a dialogue between you and your friend about a train journey.

A few days ago, a dialogue was seen in an English test of 10th class. There is a dialogue between the two friends about the train journey. Most students could not answer the dialog.

Most students wonder how the dialogue can be presented to the reader. Today’s article discusses important issues related to dialogue. Discussions have been held on how

to write a dialogue about a train journey between two friends. Suppose you and your friend are facing each other. While there, you should write the dialogue in the same way you would talk to your friend.

You must use normal language to write any dialogue. Care should be taken in the dialogue so that there is no pure language and irrelevant language.

When writing dialogues, you must write dialogues in simple fluent language. Many people use irrelevant language and complex language in dialogues.

This makes it much more difficult for the reader to read the dialogue. No complex language can be used in the dialogue. If you write the dialogue in simple fluent language,

the reader will easily understand the dialogue. If you read our today’s article carefully, you will learn a lot about dialogue. I hope there will be no more problems when writing dialogues.

Not every sentence of the dialogue can be made too long. That is, one sentence of the dialogue should end in one to two lines. At the beginning of writing the dialogue,

first, start the dialogue with a courtesy sentence. Suppose you are asked to write a dialogue about a train journey between two friends. In that case you must discuss

your train journey experiences in the dialogue. That means where you love to travel. There you have to discuss what you saw. Most of the dialogs in the test are the same.

Changes are seen only in some cases. That is, sometimes two friends are asked to write a dialog. Again sometimes the son and the father are asked to write a dialogue.

Teachers and students are allowed to write dialogues. You are addressed in most dialogues. But if you want to write a dialogue about a father or a teacher,

you must use the address. Address changes with age. In order to answer the dialogue in the test, one must keep in mind how many numbers have been assigned for the dialogue.

If there are 5 numbers for the dialogue, then the dialogue should end in 100 to 200 words. Can’t be too long. The topic on which the dialogue is asked to be written should be well discussed.

Many of you are looking for dialogue on train journey. In today’s article, a dialogue has been shared between two friends about the train journey. You can collect the dialogue from our article if you want.

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