(ক্লিক করুন) A dialogue between a new student and principal on admission.

Asked to see the dialogue in various competitive exams. Then how do you write this topic? Today we are going through all the information through this post.

First, you have to create a title according to the question. For example Dialogue between buyers and sellers about rising commodity prices. You can mark under the title.

You are asked to write dialogues in various competitive exams. Especially in the BCS exam return due to the dialogue is number 10. Write a fictional dialogue about the past

and present state of education between a senior teacher and a young student studying in the university at 36th BCS. Come to the 36th BCS. Write a conversation

or dialogue between two friends about studying abroad, choosing to emigrate and staying in your homeland after studying in Bangladesh. Write a dialogue about the liberation war

between a veteran freedom fighter and a young man after independence who came to the 36th BCS. Look at last year’s question papers

and think about what topics you have been asked to write a dialogue on. Most are asked to write dialogues from two characters. Now you must be asked to write a dialogue between

the two characters. You must follow those methods and write in the dialogue. Today we are informing through this post that in the same way there can be conversation

and dialogue between two friends. The question of who will have the dialogue is usually mentioned in the question. Dialogue can take place between different people;

Such as mother-father, father-daughter, mother-son, brother-sister, grandfather-grandson, two friends, teacher-student, buyer-seller, doctor-patient,

rickshaw puller-passenger, police-person, customer-bank officer, Old and new Dialogue can also come from issues like climate change, road accidents, Corona’s impact on education,

cybercrime, food adulteration, Bangladesh’s achievement in 50 years of independence, use of Bengali language at all levels, ill effects of drugs, the usefulness of tree planting and moral decay.

And so you must practice writing dialogue. Then you can get good results in dialogue. Through this post, I have given you all the information. Hope you understand.

If you want to get more information. Visit the website. Check out some sample answers to fictional dialogue from the guidebook. Imaginary dialogues may come up on recent topics.

Imagine when writing fictional dialogue. You are talking to someone. Then the true feeling will emerge in the writing. Now what kind of conversation can there be between

a student and a sir about admission information. Think about it. You can do this by using your real life experience. Then you will understand what a dialogue can be like.

So friends, how was today’s article? Be sure to leave your important comments. We have tried to present all the information to you. If you want to get more information,

visit the website and find out. We will discuss another time some other day and some other topic. How to write a dialogue or dialogue. Wait till then stay well.

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