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Traffic jam is one of the biggest problems in our country. Many people in our country lose their time due to traffic jams. There are many traffic jams in the cities of our country.

In these busy cities, everyone’s time is worth a lot, but because of traffic jams, everyone’s time is worthless. Many people are unable to reach their destination on time due to traffic jams.

Due to this traffic jam, the people of the city have to work hard to get around. The reason for this traffic jam is excessive traffic in our country and non-compliance with traffic laws.

Many people drive on the roads without obeying the traffic laws. Due to which there are many traffic jams on the roads. Our country’s traffic laws are not used properly.

Due to corruption in our country, the officials working in the traffic law are not able to follow their proper rules. Many people in our country drive without a license.

There is no proper investigation of these vehicles for which unplanned vehicles are operating in our country. But in the developed countries of the world,

traffic laws are very strict and no one can drive a vehicle without a license very easily. Driving without a license is punishable by severe penalties for traffic jams in developed countries.

Also, in developed countries, there is not many traffic jam due to the large number of roads. For this, their time is not wasted. All these traffic problems of our country can be solved very easily

and the time of the people of our country will not be wasted if the vehicles are driven in our country according to proper rules or traffic laws and severe

punishment is given for driving without a license. To overcome all these problems in our country, the government of our country has to take tough steps

and the various officials working in the traffic law have to move away from the path of corruption and work faithfully. Then all the problems of our country will be solved.

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