(দেখে নিন) A dialogue between two friends on bad effects of deforestation.

Today we will discuss in this post about the damage caused by deforestation. Those of you who are interested in the consequences of deforestation should read this post from beginning to end.

By reading this post you will be able to learn about the deforestation dialogue. Currently, deforestation is taking place in different parts of the world, including our country.

This is causing a lot of damage to the climate. There are several reasons for deforestation. For example, for the growing population, forest land is being cut down for crop production

and agricultural land is being created there. Due to this the forest area is decreasing. In many lands, habitat is declining due to population growth. And because of this

they are cutting down the forest and building their habitat there. In developed countries, forests have been cut down to make factories. Many volcanoes are being destroyed

due to volcanic eruptions. In addition, forests are used for river diversification. Again, many people are cutting down trees and building roads to build roads.

Many people cut down trees and use them as fuel while others cut down trees to make houses. Due to this the vegetation is decreasing a lot. Many illegally cut down trees from government forests and sell them.

And because of all this smuggling, many forests are being destroyed. The destruction of all these forests is causing many natural problems in the world.

For example, deforestation is reducing the amount of oxygen and increases the amount of carbon dioxide. And because of this increasing amount of carbon dioxide,

the sea level is rising because of climate change. Due to this floods are happening in different countries. Due to deforestation, global warming is increasing and droughts are occurring.

Due to this, crop production is being disrupted in many countries. Due to this many food crises are occurring in the country. There are also various natural disasters in the country due to deforestation.

For example, earthquakes, floods, tidal surges and other types of natural disasters are occurring. Many wildlife habitats are being destroyed due to deforestation.

Due to this many wild animals are dying and many wild animals are becoming extinct. In order to protect our nature, everyone should create more forests by planting more

and more trees without destroying the forest. Creating more and more forests will save the wildlife of our country from dying due to lack of habitat

and we will be protected from natural disasters. We’ve published posts on our website about the consequences of deforestation.

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you will be able to read various new posts. Thank you all for reading our post carefully from beginning to end. We want your cooperation.

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