Tree Plantation Composition for Class 10, 9, 8, SSC, HSC (150, 200, 250, 500 Words)

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Nature always maintains its balance and keeps the environment beautiful. And the role of plantation or trees is immense to keep the environment beautiful. Trees are very important and essential elements.

Trees are intertwined with human life. We live by taking in the oxygen that plants give off, and plants take in the carbon dioxide that we breathe out. As a result, the environment is saved from various disasters.

Today in this post we will discuss about tree plantation or composition of tree planting. Read this post carefully to know about it. Planting trees is very important for the environment.

Because trees give us oxygen. Nowadays, with the development of the world, the amount of vegetation is decreasing. Because people are now making various types of factories by cutting trees.

Also due to population growth in the country, people are cutting down trees to create settlements. Due to which various types of natural disasters including floods, droughts, floods are occurring.

At present, the world is facing such a situation that some countries are struggling even to keep 25% trees. And through various surveys, it can be seen that the global temperature

is increasing a lot due to the cutting down of trees in developed countries. If this temperature continues to rise gradually, the sea level will rise as the ice melts. As a result, most of the flat lands of Maldives, Bangladesh

and other countries will sink under the sea. So we must refrain from cutting trees. Also, people are making their homesteads by cutting trees. People are also using plants as fuel.

Due to which the amount of plants in the world is decreasing day by day and the climate is changing a lot. And to get rid of these problems or to deal with these problems, each of us should plant trees on our own responsibility.

Tree Plantation Composition

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