Bangladesh Army New Pay Scale 2015 PDF Download

Today we are going to discuss about Army Pay Scale for your convenience. Many of you are searching about this on Google and in different places.

I want to know about this. So this is our small effort to alleviate your suffering. Today, through this article, we will mention to you everything including the salary and allowances of various posts and officers of the Bangladesh Army.

So today we are trying to present to you all the information according to the eighth scale of 2015 through this article. So friends, let’s start today’s article.

Bangladesh Army Pay Scale 2015

Today we will mention the salary structure of the armed forces according to the national pay scale. You know that Bangladesh has three forces like army navy and air force.

If the rank of General Admiral and Air Chief Marshal as the chief of these three forces, the salary will be 86 thousand taka. The salary for the post of Major Lieutenant Colonel Squadron has been fixed at Rs 43,000.

The salary of Second Lieutenant Acting Sub-Lieutenant and Officer will be 23 thousand 100 taka. And the salary of a soldier is 8800 taka. Lance Naik’s salary is 9 thousand taka. Naik’s salary is 10200 taka.

National pay scale 2015 house rent

Subedar’s salary is 14120 taka. The salary of Subedar Major is 15 thousand 700 taka. The salary of Sergeant and Petty Officer is 16000 taka. So friends, today we have mentioned everything about the salary structure of the army through this article.

Hello friends, today we have the salary and allowances of 2015 and its house rent, house rent, medical allowance, travel expenses. I will mention everything in front of you. So this article is going to be important for you.

First of all, it should be known that according to the eighth pay scale, at present the maximum salary of the first class officers is 78 thousand taka and the minimum salary of the fourth class officers is 8 thousand 250 taka.

bd army New pay scale 2015 PDF

Today we will discuss about the salary scale, grading system, classification of government jobs through this article. Many of you want or are looking for a government job. But even today I don’t know how much money is available in how many grades.

So let’s talk about these today. There are other allowances and benefits for classifying the salary scale grading system of government jobs. The interest of the educated generation of Bangladesh is to establish themselves as government employees.

It is difficult to get a job through competition. People face huge competition in the hope of getting any government job. Government jobs run on grades. Which was previously included in the fourth grade. Now 20 grades are divided into four classes.

9th grade salary in Bangladesh

The only gazetted officer gets a ninth grade job through BCS examination. In this case, their initial salary has been 22 thousand taka. Other benefits are added at a rate of 50 to 60 percent.

Who is in the first to ninth grades? He is a first class officer or gazetted officer. An official gazette notification is issued at the time of appointment. The president appoints them.

Gazetted officers of the first class are in a relatively good position in terms of facilities for the employees in the military ranks. BCS is basically one of the two types. General and Technical. General BCS is Police, Admin, Foreign etc.

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