Boi Mela 2024 Location Bangladesh, Book List [Ekushey Boi Mela 2024 Best Seller]

Through this post I will discuss the detailed information about the 2024 book fair before you. You know that Amar Ekushey Book Fair is celebrated in Dhaka city from 1st of every February.

So those of you who search the internet for various information on the occasion of Book Fair 2024. Visit our website. I will discuss the detailed information in front of you through the website.

Ekushey Amar Book Fair starts from 1st February every year. You often search the internet to know about the book fair of Bangladesh. In this context, I will discuss this in detail before you.

Stay tuned till the end. Amar Ekushe Book Fair which is known as Bangladesh Book Fair. You know that book fair is celebrated on February 1st in the month of Amar Akusher.

In this context, today we will start Amar Ekushey Granth Mela of 2024. Amar Ekushe Book Fair is one of the traditional fairs of independent Bangladesh.

Every year during the month of February this fair is held in and around the current house premises of Bangla Academy. Since 2014, Amar Ekushey Granth Mela has been

expanded to the garden facing Bangla Academy. However, a part of the fair was organized in the Bangla Academy premises. So this year also in 2024, book fair will be

held from International Mother Language Institute and Amar Ekushe. So today we have come to know the detailed information in front of you through this post. If you want more information.

You can find out by visiting our website. The history of this fair is as old as independent Bangladesh as far as is known from 1972 to 8th February when Chir Chittaranjan Saha

started the book fair with 32 paisa brought from Calcutta on a piece of chaat in the premises of Burdwan House adjacent to Dhaka University.

These 32 books were published by Swadhin Bangla Sahitya Parishad founded by Chittaranjan Saha and published by Bangladeshi refugee writers.

Boi Mela 2024 Location Bangladesh

After that, he continued the book fair alone from 1972 to 1976. In 1976, others were inspired. And in 1978, Ashraf Siddiqui, the then Director General of Bangla Academy,

directly associated Bangla Academy with the fair. So every year this game fair is held in Burdwan House and premises M. Dear friends, through this post I will discuss the Bangla

Academy Book Fair 2024 before you. Hope you like it very much. Like every year, this year also 2024 Amne Book Fair organized by Bangla Academy is being celebrated.

This book fair organized in this month is named ‘Amar Ekushe Granth Mela’ to commemorate the heroic event of self-sacrifice for the Bengali language on 21st February 1952.

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