Climate Change Paragraph for Class 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, HSC, SSC (100, 150, 200, 250 Words)

Today we will publish a paragraph on climate change in this post. Also, we will publish here climate change paragraph in simple language and a paragraph of 300 words.

If you want to know more about this or want to read, see our full post. At present, climate is changing due to various reasons. And climate change is weather change.

People are facing various problems due to climate change and the world is under threat. There are many different causes of climate change. These include both man-made causes and natural causes.

Man-made causes include environmental pollution. E.g.- Nowadays people are cutting down trees to build houses or to build industries. Due to this, the temperature of the world is increasing a lot.

For which the climate is changing. The effects of climate change or climate change have already been seen in different countries of the world. Developed countries are one of the major contributors to climate change.

Although its contribution is less in underdeveloped or developing countries, these countries are facing more problems or threats. Climate change is causing excess rainfall.

Drought is again due to excessive temperature increase. In addition, the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is increasing. And this gas traps heat in the atmosphere.

As a result, the temperature increases a lot. One of the greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide, methane etc. Currently, the amount of carbon-dioxide is increasing due to cutting down of the world’s vegetation.

As a result the climate is changing. And so we must plant more trees to prevent climate change. Because plants absorb carbon dioxide and reduce its amount.

There are many people who want to read articles on climate change in simple language. So we have published a paragraph on climate change on our website so that you can write a paragraph

Climate Change Paragraph

on climate change in very simple language. You can see it from our website and if you want you can download a PDF of that paragraph and keep it in your mobile.There are many who want to write a 300 word paragraph

on climate change. So for you we have published a sample paragraph on climate change or climate change in the above part of this post. From there you can write a beautiful paragraph about climate change by adding some words

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