Digital Bangladesh Paragraph for Class 9, 10, 8, SSC, HSC (200, 150, 250 Words)

As Digital Bangladesh, Bangladesh is now a role model for the world. We are the 53rd nuclear powered to orbit the country. Besides, we have our own satellite. Bangladesh has entered the digital age through digital means.

Before long now everything is going digital. Digital is all kinds of essentials. Hand mobile everything has changed and digital online application test everything is going digital now.

All kinds of social practices and customs including marriage. And digital is a much discussed slogan of Bangladesh government. Digital Bangladesh is a prosperous country dependent on technology for life.

Where there will be extensive use of computers. All economic activities of the country will be monitored or controlled by computers through the Internet. The benefits of digital Bangladesh are many.

Digital Bangladesh can build by increasing transparency and accountability, corruption will be reduced to a large extent. It will make people think globally and connect with the whole world economically,

politically, socially, academically and even culturally. Today we will write a paragraph on Digital Bangladesh and present it to you through this post. Digital Bangladesh is a happy prosperous poverty

and hunger free people’s state language right means a people’s state. Digital technology as a key driver. Digital Bangladesh is a buzz in civil society. 2021 marks the golden jubilee of Bangladesh’s independence.

Therefore, at this time, the goal of making Bangladesh Digital Bangladesh has been set. A timely move to keep pace with developed countries. Digitizing a country means making it a state,

or the use of computers and internet in the country’s governance, education, commerce, medicine, agriculture, etc. should be ensured. The aim of establishing Digital Bangladesh is to transform

the society of Bangladesh into a knowledge-based society by changing the underdeveloped lifestyle step by step. Therefore, a well-governed society must be built using fast

and effective information technology to ensure digital Bangladesh. For that purpose, various steps should be taken including meeting the shortage of electricity, developing computer network structure

and internet usage training, improving the quality of English education, developing submarine cable under the sea. Bringing transparency through the use of internet in government,

semi-government, private sector will help Bangladesh to develop a digital environment. In this golden jubilee of independence, despite various obstacles and limitations,

Digital Bangladesh Paragraph

we are moving forward step by step to make Bangladesh a ‘Digital Bangladesh’ by conquering this age of information technology. If you are searching for a passage of Digital Bangladesh for class VII.

Then today’s article is going to be very important for you. Through this post, I will write several paragraphs about Digital Bangladesh in front of you.

Digital Bangladesh is a very hot topic nowadays.  A timely move to keep pace with developed countries. To understand what digital Bangladesh is, first you need to know how a country can become a digital country.

Then that will become the state. All the work of that country such as government system, governance, business, commerce, education, medicine, agriculture, nature, etc.

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