Elephant Road Market Off Day 2024 (Open & Closed Day Today)

Elephant Road, the heart of Dhaka, has several markets. For example, apart from IDB building, Newmarket, Neelkhet, Gauchia Market, Elephant Road are located nearby.

Besides, Elephant Road markets are the most popular for wedding markets. Now if you want to market in Elephant Road. Or want to shop. You must be aware of the holidays

and closures of Elephant Road markets. You must find New Elephant Road Markets to avoid unnecessary suffering. Need to know about that. So through this post, I will discuss the details in front of you.

Pay attention to the article from the beginning to the end. Planned at the beginning of the day to go here go there. Stayed at a certain place as planned but went and found it closed.

Then the mood is so bad. It has no language to speak. So find out which markets in the capital will be closed. In order to reduce traffic congestion in the capital and save electricity,

Dhaka has been divided into seven regions and the day of closure of shops has been decided. A proposal regarding this was passed in 2010.

After that, all types of shops except daily essentials and notification shops in the capital are closed on different days depending on the area. According to the decision,

the shops will be closed one full day and half day every week till two o’clock. Through this post, I will inform you that the shops located in Elephant Road will remain closed. I will discuss about that.

Kanthal Bagan, Hatirful Manikmia Avenue, Dhaka. Rajabazar, Manipuripara, Tejkunipara, Farmgate, Karwan Bazar, Neelkhet, Kantaban, Elephant Road, Shukrabad, Sobhanbagh, Dhanmondi,

Hazaribagh, Jigatla, Rayerbazar, Pilkhana, Lalmatia are closed for half day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Notable Markets in the Region: Hatirpul Bazaar, Motaleb Plaza, Eastern Plaza,

Bashundhara City Shopping Mall, Green Supermarket, Farmview Supermarket, Saudia Supermarket, Sejan Point, Lion Shopping Centre, New Market, Chandrima Market,

New Supermarket, Gauchia Market, Chandni Chowk, Noor Mansion, Bakushah Market, Islamia Market, Dhanmondi Hawkers Market, Eastern Mallika, Globe Shopping,

Badruddoja Market, Noorjahan Market, Priyangan Shopping Center, Gausul Azam Market, all these markets are closed on Tuesday. Dhaka Elephant Road is located in Multiplan Center

Elephant Road Market Off Day

which is considered as a shopping mall. Now if you want to go to Multiplan Center or Elephant Road Market. Of course, you need to know when the shopping center is closed in that market.

Need to know about that. Notable shopping malls around Elephant Road are Elephant Road, Rifle Square, ARA Shopping Centre, Orchard Point, Capital Market,

Dhanmondi Plaza, Mumtaz Plaza, Metro Shopping Mall, Plaza AR, Prince Plaza, Rapa Plaza, Orchid Plaza, Carey Plaza, Anam Rangs Plaza,

Karwan Bazar DIT Market, Kabyaks Super Market and Kitchen Market. The full day of the week is closed on Tuesday and the financial day is closed on Wednesday.

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