GP Minute Offer 2024 List | Latest Minute Bundle Pack

Today we will discuss the GP Minute offer with you. Grameenphone is the fastest network in Bangladesh. The number of subscribers is much higher. So Grameenphone offers a lot more to their customers. Today we will discuss all the GP minutes, bundle offer, recharge offer.

Grameenphone’s network is also available in many Ajpara villages or remote areas of our country. So the number of GP subscribers is much higher. Currently, all operators have higher call rates.

So Grameenphone always tries to give customers various offers at affordable prices. You can buy more minutes for less money and you can talk to all the operators through it. So let’s take a look at the GP minute offers.

GP Minute Offer 2024

Grameenphone is the fastest network provider in Bangladesh. GP has more subscribers than any other operator. We are going to share with you, the latest special minute offer. You can take the offer of your choice through our post.

Each telecommunication company changes the minute offer. We offer you new GP minute offers for our questions. Hopefully, this will help you to know about the GP SIM minute offer. Through this post, we will list many GP minutes offer 2024.

Such as GP 100 minute offer, GP 200 minute offer, GP 500 minute offer, GP 1000 minute offer, GP minute recharge offer 2024 some more GP minute offer. Let’s get started. Many need to communicate for a shorter period of time. You can easily get GP weekly minute offers. That’s why today we discussed the GP minute offers.

GP Minute Offer List 2024

Today we will discuss the list of GP offers for your convenience. Since the number of customers in GP is a lot. Grameenphone SIM T is very popular with most people in urban or rural areas. Because they provide good network.

GP Internet Offer 2024

GP Minute Offer 2024

At present, call rates of all operators have been increased. For which GP is trying to add some new minute offers. Let’s not look at the Grameenphone offers.

GP 14 Tk Minute Offer

Today we discussed one of the popular bundles of GP Operator.

Customers of all packages will get the offer of 21 minutes at 14 Taka.

  • To avail of this Talktime offer, eligible customers need to dial * 121 * 4001 #
  • The customer will get 21 minutes (GP-any operator). Which will be valid for 16 hours.

GP 25 Minute Offer

The most popular of the GP bundles is the Tk 25 offer. Most users are not aware of this GP 10 minute offer. You can easily purchase this offer using an activation code for just Tk.

GP 25 Minute Offer Activation Code: * 121 * 4207 #

Duration: 24 hours

GP IMO Pack 2024

GP Social Pack 2024

GP 40 Minute Offer

For those who need to talk on the phone regularly, the 40 minute offer at Tk. 24 is very popular with customers. GP has launched this great offer for them.

GP 40 Minute Offer Activation Code: * 121 * 4002 #

Duration: 24 hours.

GP 53 Tk 95 Minute Code

Among other offers, many people say that GP offers a 95 minute offer at Tk 53 but they do not know how to purchase the package.

GP 40 Minute Offer Activation Code: * 121 * 4004 #

Duration: 7 days

GP 59 TK 100 Minute code

Among the 7-day hippie minute offers, the 100-minute GP offer of Tk 59 is popular. Many people do not know how to buy this offer. So through today’s article, I will inform all the rules and regulations.

GP 100 Minute Offer Activation Code: * 121 * 4205 #

Duration: 7 days

GP New SIM Offer 2024

GP Recharge Offer 2024

GP 100 Minute Offer

If you recharge any GP packaging for Tk 59, you will get 100 minutes bundle offer which will be valid for 7 days.

  • 90 GP minutes
  • Duration 7 days
  • Taka 59 GP Code: * 121 * 4205 #
  • However, you can buy it directly by recharging Tk 59.

You can also purchase your offers through Flexiplan.

GP Minute pack 99 Taka

The most popular and most used offer among all the Grameenphone minute packs is the Tk 99 offer pack.

  • 160 GP minutes
  • Duration 7 days
  • However, you can buy directly through 99 taka recharge.

GP Bondho SIM Offer 2024

GP SMS Pack 2024

GP Minute Offer 2024 30 days

Many GP customers buy a 30 day bundle offer. Today we will discuss GP’s great offer for 30 days. You can also purchase your offers through the Flexi plan.

GP 200 Minute Offer 30 days

To purchase 200 minutes on Grameenphone SIM now, you need to keep Tk 146.50 in the original account. The validity is 30 days. You can also purchase your offer through Flexiplan.

  • 200 GP minutes
  • Validity 30 days,
  • 146.50 Tk

GP 1000 Minute Offer

If you want to use more minutes, you can use the GP 1000 minute offer.

Now GP is giving you 1000 minutes 604 taka validity 30 days.

This offer allows you to purchase My GP App or GP Recharge either way.

GP MB Transfer System 2024

GP Balance Transfer System 2024

Conditions for Grameenphone Minute Offer 2024

  • At the end of the period, any free minutes left by the customer will be cancelled. Purchasing this same pack again within the expiration date will add minutes and extend the expiration date.
  • Customers need to dial * 121 * 1 * 2 # to know the remaining minutes.
  • You can know your offer by dialling.
  • When the term expires, there will be no opportunity to extend the term.
  • You can purchase the specified amount of minutes by recharging a certain amount of money.
  • Can be used to talk to all local network numbers in the country.

Hopefully, you have learned about GP Minute Offer 2024. Then if you have any questions about Grameenphone Minute Offer 2024, you can comment. Thank you for reading my article.

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