GP New SIM Offer 2024 (Internet, Minute, Call Rate)

Today I have come to you with the most popular offers of Grameenphone. You know that Grameenphone is the biggest company in Bangladesh. Our network is giving everywhere in Bangladesh. Grameenphone is the only company where their network is very well available in remote areas.

Now you know that Grameenphone has launched 4G service and has launched 4G network in remote areas. Since Grameenphone is the largest telecommunications company in Bangladesh, Grameenphone has many offers for you. Besides, Grameenphone offers very attractive offers for new connections.

You can get these tempting offers for their customers by becoming a SIM subscriber. In that case, you need to contact the nearest customer care with your voter ID card and a copy of the photo. After this, once your SIM is activated, your number will go to the required offer.

GP New SIM Offer 2024

You know that Grameenphone is the largest telecommunications company in Bangladesh. The journey of Grameenphone Telecommunication started in 1996. Since then, Grameenphone has come up with new offers

for various new connections such as prepaid and postpaid connections. Today we are going to see what Grameenphone is offering in 2024 in terms of new connections. So don’t delay and see your desired offer.

Dear friends, today we will discuss about Grameenphone’s connection offer. We have created this article for you. If you need any new connection with Grameenphone. Then you can see our article. I hope you will benefit a lot.

GP New SIM Internet Offer 2024

Grameenphone has launched a variety of alluring and dazzling internet offers for you as well as minute offers for new connections. You can take internet service if you want. In this case, you have to activate a SIM and you will get your desired offer.

GP Internet Offer 2024

GP Minute Offer 2024

So friends, don’t delay and look at the article. And grab your Grameenphone internet offer.

GP New SIM Offer 17 Tk 1 GB

Grameenphone 1 GB with only 17 taka for a new connection. GP will be able to use any network on the Internet 24 hours a day throughout the week. You have this 1 GB

GP IMO Pack 2024

GP Social Pack 2024

You have to recharge 11 taka to take the offer.

17 Taka 2GB Internet Offer

Grameenphone is offering 2GB internet for their new subscribers for just Tk. 2 GB Internet You can use any network 24 hours a day throughout the week. You have to recharge 16 taka to avail this 1GB offer.

GP New Sim Recharge Offer

In addition, in the case of a new Grameenphone connection, you will get a certain amount of call rate, a certain amount of internet, a certain amount of minutes for a certain amount of recharge.

In that case, what kind of offer will you get if you recharge a certain amount or what kind of call rate will you get if you recharge a certain amount.

GP New SIM Offer 2024

GP Recharge Offer 2024

Those who have trouble taking these offers through the code can take this offer through recharge. We will discuss them today.

34 Tk 1GB + 1 Paisa Second + 2 MMS

Grameenphone new customers will get 1 GB internet for only 34 taka. With 1 paisa per call rate and get two more MMS. So recharge 34 taka. You will also have the opportunity to speak at your lowest rate.

GP Bondho SIM Offer 2024

GP SMS Pack 2024

110 Minute + 2 MMS Offer for 64 Taka

Grameenphone subscribers get 110 minutes for only 64 taka. You will get 2 MMS with this tempting offer. At this point, you can use it on any operator for 7 days. Go to any of your recharge points and recharge. And take the great offer set for you.

GP MB Transfer System 2024

GP Balance Transfer System 2024

GP New Sim Price 2024

Many people want to know what Grameenphone’s new connection costs and how much the new connection costs. We are publishing that detailed discussion on our website. The price of the new GP SIM is 149 taka. At present, you can buy a new SIM by recharging some money.

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