(সহজ নিয়মে) A dialogue between two friends about illiteracy eradication.

Today in this post we have published a dialogue on eradicating illiteracy. Those of you who would like to read the Dialogue on the Elimination of Illiteracy should read our post carefully from beginning to end.

If you read this post you will know about the eradication of illiteracy. The illiteracy rate in our country is very high. So we should all reduce this illiteracy rate on our own initiative.

And each of us should take some steps to reduce this illiteracy rate. If some steps are taken, many illiterate people in our country will be freed from illiteracy.

Every illiterate person has the right to be educated and to study. So every one of us should support them and encourage them by their side.

Many people take various steps to eradicate illiteracy or read the essays, dialogues etc. about the ways to eradicate illiteracy by visiting different types of websites to know

what steps can be taken? And for this, we have published the dialogue about the way to eradicate illiteracy in this post. The government of our country has taken some

programs to eradicate illiteracy. But they have not yet been properly implemented in our country. Due to which the illiteracy rate of our country is decreasing very slowly.

If the government of our country takes strict measures to eradicate illiteracy and manages them properly, then the illiteracy rate will decrease. There are many uneducated illiterate

people in the cities or villages of our country. If we educated people to encourage them to study or be educated and help them to study then illiteracy

rate will decrease in our country and if we give minimum education to uneducated members of our family then illiteracy rate will decrease in our country.

To eradicate illiteracy we have to be very aware of women in our country and make everyone aware of their right to education and take strict steps to educate them.

If all these programs are adopted, the illiteracy rate in our country will be greatly reduced. Everyone has the right to education. So we should not deprive them of their rights and encourage them to study.

If the illiteracy rate decreases, our country will develop a lot and the rate of educated people will increase. In addition to the Dialogue on the Elimination of Illiteracy,

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By reading these posts, you will be able to know detailed information about various topics. Thank you for reading this post from the beginning to the end.

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