National Pay Scale 2020 Bangladesh PDF

Pay scale is such a measure. Which is formulated by the government. This scale is formulated by the Finance Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and the Minister of Finance. According to this pay scale, government officials and employees enjoy other benefits including salary allowance.

Today we will tell you something about this through this article and discuss in detail about pay scale. Officers and employees of Bangladesh are covered from 1st grade to 20th grade.

The minimum salary of 20th grade employees is 8250 taka and the salary of first grade officers and employees is 78 thousand taka. Along with this you will get other benefits at fixed rates like home rent, travel allowance, hospital bill. So friends, let’s start this article today.

National Pay Scale 2020 Bangladesh

Officers and employees of Bangladesh range from 20th grade to 1st grade. The Prime Minister, the Speaker, the Leader of the Opposition, the President, the BCS cadre, the Inspector General of Police all fall into this category.

Officers gazetted by the government are also included in this grade. They are paid according to a fixed pay scale. On July 11, 2015, the eighth pay scale was announced by the government and the then Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith. Announces pay scale and publishes it in gazette form.

According to the seventh pay scale, the eighth pay scale is about 100 to 105 percent higher than the salary. According to him, the minimum salary was 4100 / = taka. His current salary is Tk 7250.

all pay scale of bangladesh

Today we will discuss in front of you which are the second class jobs and which are the fast jobs. You must know that government officials are recruited between 18th and 20th grade. The maximum salary of the first grade is 78 thousand taka and the minimum salary is 1250 taka.

Officers-employees from first grade to ninth grade are basically called first class officers. Appointments are made by the Public Service Commission i.e. PSC and are made by the President and the Prime Minister. They are usually gazetted.

The first-class officer first joins his ninth-grade job. Ninth ninth grade jobs have to be joined by passing the BCS exam. Their initial basic salary is 22000 taka per month. With this, they get house rent, medical allowance and other benefits at the rate of 50 to 60 percent.

how to calculate gross salary from pay scale in bangladesh

You know that about the pay scale. Pay scale is a measure. Through which the government officials and employees enjoy other benefits including salary allowance by the government. Officers and employees at the secretary level usually belong to the first and second classes.

Senior Professor, Vice Chancellor of the University is in the 7th grade. The monthly basic salary of 6th grade is 50 thousand taka. Along with this other facilities are provided.

It is accompanied by government accommodation, vehicles and rations. So friends, today we have informed you about the sixth grade basic pay scale through this article.

govt salary scale 2020 PDF

Hello friends, today we are going to discuss the monthly salary and other benefits of 1st to 20th grade through this article. Many of you know about 16th grade salary and what is their basic salary. What are their opportunities? Basically, the basic salary of 11th grade 13th grade is 18500 taka.

Along with this, house rent, communication allowance, health allowance are given at the rate of 50 to 60 percent. The basic salary of 16th grade is 9500 taka. Other benefits are added to this.

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