Our National Flag Paragraph for Class 9, 10, 8, 12, 7, 5 (Bangladesh 150 Words)

Today we will publish a paragraph about our national flag in this post. Also we will publish here a paragraph of 200 words and about our national flag for HSC candidates.

Those of you who want to read this paragraph can see our full post here. Hope you can read a nice paragraph by viewing this post. A national flag is a symbol of a country’s sovereignty and independence.

Each country has a different national flag. A country gets its identity through this flag. Every person in the world knows his country through the national flag.

Every country’s national flag has a story, identity or history behind it. Similarly, our national flag also has a tragic history behind it. Through which we can hoist our national flag in front of the world.

We got our national flag with the blood of many martyrs. As a result we can be proud of our national flag. Just as every country has a unique national flag, Bangladesh has a unique flag.

The colors of our country’s flag are red and green. A red circle sits in the center of the green. The green color of our flag signifies the breathtaking green beauty of the country.

And with the circle like a red sunrise in the middle of the green, the fresh blood of our martyrs is meant. Because after a long nine month war with the West Pakistani invaders our country won and could hoist an independent flag.

And so the red circle of our national flag is the symbol of the blood of the martyrs. Flags are hoisted everywhere on various official days of our country like Victory Day, Independence Day.

Because our country achieved victory and became an independent country through Victory Day on 16th December. The national flag of our country was designed by Kamrul Hasan

and the size of the national flag is 10 to 6 ratio. The national flag is hoisted daily in all government offices, courts and educational institutions of the country. Also, the national flag is hoisted

on the occasion of different days and at different places. Our national flag reminds us of the country’s history of independence. And seeing this flag, many patriots became motivated

Our National Flag Paragraph

to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the state. And so in various educational institutions of our country, students are taught various passages about the national flag.

Also on our website, we have published a paragraph of 200 words or words about our national flag. You can see it from our website if you want.

We often come across a passage on National Flag in our HSC Exams or Higher Secondary Exams. For which many SSC aspirants or those who are studying in class XI

want to read the passage on this topic. So we have published an article about national flag on our website so that you can read a nice article about it. You can download that PDF from our website.

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