Police Clearance Certificate Download PDF (Bangladesh)

Today in this post we will discuss about Police Clearance Certificate. If you want to know about police clearance certificate ie how to get police clearance certificate then read this post completely carefully.

Moreover, if you read this post completely carefully, you will know the details about how to check police clearance certificate online. So read the rest of the post carefully without delay.

A police Clearance Certificate is required by us in various fields. The main function of Police Clearance Certificate is in case of traveling abroad. Besides, in many office courts or in various government

and private institutions, if you are employed, a police clearance certificate is required to know the correct information about whether there is any criminal case against you.

Police clearance certificate comes negative if there is a case. That is, whether there is any criminal case against you or if there is a case, its status is known through the Police Clearance Certificate.

If you want to get police clearance certificate then you can apply for police clearance certificate online very easily. To apply for police certificate online visit your link https://pcc.police.gov.bd.

Enter the link and click on the registration button there and submit with some details including your mobile number and password, your email passport number.

Then click on My Account option and login with your mobile number and password. If you want to apply for police certificate then provide all your personal information here.

In this case, you must remember that all the information should match with your passport. Your police clearance may be invalidated if your passport contains a mistake in your

Police Clearance Certificate

date of birth or your own name or parent’s name. Skin copy of voter ID card, birth certificate chairman certificate or councilor certificate, passport should be submitted in 150 pixels size.

Next, if you click on the submit button, your account’s inbox information will be submitted there. Next you have to deposit 500 taka online through mobile banking or internet banking.

To know the status of Police Clearance Certificate visit the link below. https://pcc.police.gov.bd/ords/f?p=500:LOGIN_DESKTOP. By visiting this link you can know your clearance status.

You can download Police Clearance Certificate in PDF file format. Or if you want, you can go to the special branch or special branch of Bangladesh Police and collect it from there. For more detailed information about this, see other posts on our website.

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